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I18N 3.3.2    (Plugin)

This plugin adds multilanguage support and hierarchical menus to your...
TAGS: i18n internationalization navigation hierarchical menu sitemap

DynPages 0.7.2    (Plugin)

The plugin allows you to use a placeholder to include a component on the page and...
TAGS: dynamic content

I18N Search 2.13.4    (Plugin)

This plugin allows you to search for tags (keywords) and words. It uses an...
TAGS: search internationalization i18n tags keywords rss feed

Pagify 1.4.1    (Plugin)

This plugin splits a page into parts of x bytes and provides links for the other...
TAGS: pages pagify split

HitCount 2.3.0    (Plugin)

For all those who want an integrated hit and visitor count or don't trust...
TAGS: hits visitors hit count user agent referer languages systems

I18N Custom Fields 1.9.4    (Plugin)

This plugin offers a GUI to add custom fields: text fields, dropdown boxes, check...
TAGS: i18n fields

Translate 1.1    (Plugin)

This plugin allows you to translate plugins and even GetSimple directly on your...
TAGS: translation languages internationalization i18n

FAQ 1.3    (Plugin)

Allows you to define FAQs, where answers are only shown after you click on the...
TAGS: faq questions answers

I18N Gallery 2.3.0    (Plugin)

You can create multiple image galleries as collection of images with titles and...
TAGS: gallery images pictures slide show slides photo

Theme Highlighter 1.1    (Plugin)

Performs syntax highlighting (coloring), when editing the theme (php, css, js) or...
TAGS: theme component highlight syntax highlighting color autocompletion suggestion

Auto-open Page Options 2.0    (Plugin)

Automatically opens the page options when editing pages Version 2.0: remembers...
TAGS: page options auto-open open

Math 0.3    (Plugin)

Displays mathematical LaTeX formulas within your pages, if they are included within...
TAGS: math formula LaTeX

Document Indexer 0.1.1    (Plugin)

This plugin extracts the text from all documents that are linked from non-private...
TAGS: search documents

Download Interceptor 1.0    (Plugin)

Intercepts downloads and offers a veto filter and an action for other plugins, e.g....
TAGS: downloads images veto action

Theme Switcher 0.1    (Plugin)

Allows the switching of themes by the site visitor: * all templates configured in...
TAGS: theme template switch

I18N Special Pages 1.4.3    (Plugin)

The I18N Special Pages plugin allows you to define types of pages with custom...
TAGS: custom fields fields news blog products items display search

Less 0.9.1    (Plugin)

This plugin helps you write your style sheets in "less" instead of CSS and...
TAGS: less css theme

SCSS 0.1    (Plugin)

This plugin helps you write your style sheets in SCSS instead of CSS and will...
TAGS: scss css theme

Theme Settings 0.4    (Plugin)

This plugin allows theme editors to easily include a configuration UI with their...
TAGS: theme settings

Theme Settings Demo 0.2    (Theme)

This is simple theme demonstrating the use of the plugins LESS and Theme Settings.
TAGS: less scss theme settings

Select Filter 0.1    (Plugin)

If you have a large site with many pages this will simplify editing pages, because...
TAGS: large sites

I18N OnePage 0.9    (Plugin)

Helper functions for single page themes.
TAGS: single page one page