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dojacatplig #3.3.3

This is the description Tagged:

Massive Admin Theme 5.0.1

It has long ceased to be a plug-in that changes the appearance of your favorite CMS system. This is one... Tagged: admin theme theme

URI Redirect Plus 0.2.4

Redirect URIs to internal or external pages (with '301 Moved Permanently' header). Also view the... Tagged: URI URL redirect omadressering

BlockContent Plugin 4.0

## BlockContent Plugin for GetSimple CMS - 🛸Easy to use Wysywig for GetSimple CMS - 🛸Modern upload... Tagged: editor.js wysywig

MultiBlock 5.3

MultiBlock is tools what you need! With this plugin you can create every block with custom fields what you... Tagged: i18n special page multi block block creator custom element

easySMTPmail 3.0

Easy Contact form based on PHPMailer with SMTP settings and Captcha from google <br> <b>How use... Tagged: contact form smtp phpmailer google captcha

Current Events 3.2

Important! Uploaded once again, previous build don't work correct. Easy to use plugin... Tagged: calendar

MonsterGallery 3.0

Gallery plugin you want use it! This is an easy to use gallery plugin with 5 modern solutions excluding... Tagged: gallery plugin

MultiField 🏖️ 3.1

3.1 - fixed value after delete some input. - added variant input for all page - added checkbox and... Tagged: MultiFields

EasyStats 📊 1.0

this plugin shows statistics by counting only unique IP addresses on a website * Easy to use - just... Tagged: stats views count statistic easy stast

EasyIcons 😏 1.0

Use Shortcode on Ckeditor for support FontAwesome or Unicons * 1.Go to page Font Awesome or UniCons *... Tagged: shortcode fontawesome unicons

EasySearch 1.0

What is easySearch? This is a very easy to use plugin that adds search functionality to your website. Just... Tagged: search searchbar plugin multicolor easy search

MultiMenu 2.0

<h3>MultiMenu BIG UPDATE</h3> would you like to easily create many menus with any number of... Tagged: multi menu menus creator menu plugin

ah-contact 0.2305

Very simple Contact Form. It will be displayed on an manual created, empty Page named "Contact" in... Tagged: GetSimple Frontend Contact Plugin

Carousel Creator 4.0

![]( Every day I struggle with the same boring activity, creating a... Tagged: carousel carousel creator slider creator slider slider homepage

Popup plugin 2.1

Now you can create own popup on your website with ckeditor with easy config:) 1.1 added expiration date... Tagged: popup plugin popup popup window

Facebook sidebar 2.1

2.0 - now you can customize position top, left or right. <br> 2.1 - fixed likebox for new api, added... Tagged: facebook sidebar facebook integration

uploaderExt 3.1

This is next plugin from me:) Uploader with compress photo and convert to webp. this replace default... Tagged: uploader resize image compress photo

I18N Gallery 2.3.0

You can create multiple image galleries as collection of images with titles and descriptions (in multiple... Tagged: gallery images pictures slide show slides photo

PhotoGrabber 1.2

with this plugin you don't have to look for photos for your website anymore! This is PhotoGrabber - a... Tagged: photos stock photos database photos photo grabber unsplash

MapCreator 4.1

![]( This plugin add maps to your website with MapCreator Based on... Tagged: mapcreator leaflet openstreetmap google map

Read time 1.2

This plugin will show estimated time for read page content * Easy to use * Setting for message... Tagged:

CompanySlider 1.1

If you want to show the partners' logo in an effective way, or a logo carousel on many subpages, then... Tagged: Company Slider logo carousel carousel company sponsor carousel


AI content creation has now arrived for GetSimple Cant think of some nice text to add to your site? Clients... Tagged: Seo open ai chatgpt ai text ckeditor text generator

Harmony 1.0

### Harmony - Accordion and Tabs creator Easy accordion and tabs creator based on Bootstrap and prebuild... Tagged: accordion tabs creator bootstrap purecss accordion creator tabs creator

I18N Special Pages 1.4.3

The I18N Special Pages plugin allows you to define types of pages with custom fields, customized behaviour... Tagged: custom fields fields news blog products items display search

Easy Contact Button 1.4

This script displays a "Contact-Us" or "WhatsApp" button in the left or right bottom... Tagged: whatsapp contact button

Translate 1.1

This plugin allows you to translate plugins and even GetSimple directly on your server (as long as the... Tagged: translation languages internationalization i18n

I18N Custom Fields 1.9.4

This plugin offers a GUI to add custom fields: text fields, dropdown boxes, check boxes and WYSIWYG textareas... Tagged: i18n fields

HitCount 2.3.0

For all those who want an integrated hit and visitor count or don't trust Google Analytics & Co,... Tagged: hits visitors hit count user agent referer languages systems

I18N Language Globe 1.0.0

**For i18n multi-language sites, a Globe with a languages navigation dropdown.**<br> Requires the I18N... Tagged: language languages multilanguage multi-language i18n navigation globe

Pagify 1.4.1

This plugin splits a page into parts of x bytes and provides links for the other parts. It expects a... Tagged: pages pagify split

I18N 3.3.2

This plugin adds multilanguage support and hierarchical menus to your website. Note: *I18N* is the... Tagged: i18n internationalization navigation hierarchical menu sitemap

I18N Search 2.13.4

This plugin allows you to search for tags (keywords) and words. It uses an automatically created index and... Tagged: search internationalization i18n tags keywords rss feed

MultiBlock Migrator 2.0

This plugin help correct url on MultiBlock when you move website to another domain. 2.0 Now oneBlock... Tagged: multiblock migrator multiblock migrator migrate url

BetterSEO 2.0

![]( This plugin create better header function for SEO. * Homepage... Tagged: seo header plugin SEO

Accessibility Sidebar 1.0.1

Accessibility Sidebar This plugin will add Accessibility Sidebar to your website with options like zoom... Tagged:

News Manager (updated) 3.6.1

A news/blog plugin to manage and display your posts. Currently maintained and extended by: *Carlos... Tagged: blog news posts articles news manager i18n

News Manager Addons

Additional/complementary front-end functions for the **News Manager** plugin, to be used in sidebar,... Tagged: news blog news manager template tags sidebar functions components

Newsletter plugin 1.1

This plugin add newsletter option for your website. With this plugin: you can add new mail to newsletter... Tagged: newsletter

Info Pop 1.1

Info for site users ( you can use it for all info what do you want, never show after... Tagged: info popup cookies

I18n DeepL Page Translation 1.0.3

This plugin allows automatic translation of GetSimple CMS pages using the <a... Tagged: deepl translation i18n multilingual

Upload Plugin 1.0

![]( Upload Plugin or Themes direct from CMS Tagged: upload theme upload plugin upload plugin upload plugins

scrollup plugin 2.0

![]( This plugin add ScrollUp button to your website * scrollup size... Tagged: scrollup scrollup plugin scroll up arrow to up plugin site to up plugin

News Manager Migrator 1.0

![]( This plugin help correct url on NewsManager when you move website to... Tagged: news manager news manager fix url news manager migrator

Easy_ContactForm 5.0

![]( Hi! Next plugin for this community! Easy contact form is contact... Tagged: contact form easy contact form form for website

ThemeExtras 1.0.0

This awesome plugin will allow theme developers to enable the ability to give users configuration options for... Tagged: theme-extras themes

newGalleryFolder 1.1

1.1 generates thumbnail from data/thumbnails/ this makes faster load gallery. This plugin generate photo... Tagged: gallery gallery folder new gallery folder multicolor

I18N Sitemap Parent Fix 1.0.0

When sitemap.xml is generated by i18n base plugin, there might occur a problem with the &lt;loc&gt;... Tagged: i18n sitemap parent

Hosting Space Detector 1.1

** Hosting Space Detector ** This program was created to inform the administrator when the site takes up... Tagged: ovh 10mb small hosting

Components Wysywig 1.2

Replaces components textarea to CKEDITOR new option: if you wanna use wysywig name your commponents... Tagged: ckeditor components ckeditor wysywig

CorrectMyUrl 1.0

This plugin replace/fix your links and images on your website from old url adress, to new. This plugin no... Tagged: migrate url correct url fix url news manager thumnbail

LazyLoad images 1.0

Lazy Loading for images on content. This make it faster loading your website, and friendly for... Tagged: lazyLoading image fasterwebsite

Light Bar 1.3

I created next plugin, this is add sidebar menu to the frontend, you can customize this if you want. ... Tagged: frontend menu light admin light menu.

sponsor_carousel 1.1

1.1 is better! How use it? Create new folder on uploads with name <b>gallery_carousel</b> and... Tagged: carousel

Gallery_folder (easy gallery plugin) 1.2

NO SHORTCODE ON 1.2:) <h3>How use Gallery_folder plugin?</h3> <p>Create new folder on... Tagged: gallery

Detroit (admin theme) 1.0

![screenshot]( Hi! This is last admin theme for the GS 3.3 :) We... Tagged: admin theme detroit multicolor

YT on website 1.0

Hi! This is my new plugin:) Now we can use easy youtube movie on our website:) How? Mass width & Settings... Tagged: youtube shortcode easycode

PhotoTheme Settings 1.0

Settings plugin for PhotoTheme Theme:) Tagged:

Preloaders GS (vanilla javascript) 2.0

This plugin add easy preloader to your website:) 1.0 6 example with easy to replace for own. This... Tagged: preloader theme preloader great preloader

Light Admin Theme 1.8

New theme :) Now you can turn on new theme on your admin panel. What i add? responsive menu responsive... Tagged: admin theme responsive theme

Grid Me BS4 (content grid manager bootstrap 4 ) 1.1

This plugin add grid options for your content just like Grid Me original but with support Bootstrap... Tagged: grid ckeditor plugin content

Grid Me (content grid manager) 1.4

This plugin add grid options for your content:) This is still early version, but you can now use this for... Tagged: grid ckeditor plugin content

Simple Button Creator 1.0

This plugin add Button creator on sidebar edit page "Add Button " with several options.... Tagged: button creator

Grey Admin Theme 1.2

Another responsive admin theme for your lovely CMS:) I use for my... Tagged: theme admin admin theme grey responsive theme

Hide sections plugin 1.0

the plugin is used to hide user sections that are unnecessary for the user. Tagged: hidden section hide option menu

Disable Reset Password 1.0

This plugin hidden "Forgot your password?" on login Tagged: disable reset password security

Call Me button 1.0

Add "call me" icon to your website on mobilephone, invisible on desktop. How configure it? Use easy... Tagged: mobile call me calling popup call to us plugin

Dark Theme Admin mod theme 1.5

now you can try a dark theme using my plugin, before you had to replace the css.php file, now you do not have... Tagged: admin theme theme admin

Snow on the website 1.0

This plugin turn on snow effect on your website:) Just turn on and check effect on yours website. Tagged: snow website snow js snow on website

Custom CSS 0.1.2

This plugin adds custom CSS code to any GetSimple CMS theme footer. Tagged: custom css

My SMTP Contact 1.1.2

This plugin will help you to set up a contact form with captcha and checkbox. Plugin can be used SMTP (Simple... Tagged: contact form contact contacts smtp form forms mail

ruPlsRename 1.0.2

This plugin adds the ability to rename, move and copy folders and files. To call additional functions... Tagged: upload rename remove move copy

ruPload 1.2.2

Due to the fact that swf uploadify is now blocked by all browsers and constantly asks for permission, I have... Tagged: upload

File Editor 1.0.33

**File Editor** With this editor it is possible to edit the .htaccess and robots.txt... Tagged: file editor robots.txt htaccess robots

My Gallery 1.0.5

This plugin will help you create a gallery. - ability to select scripts for output (BaguetteBox,... Tagged: gallery photo images pictures thumbnails

Uploadcare File Upload and Edit on the Fly 1.0

UPLOADCARE PLUGIN ![Uploadcare]( First : ... Tagged: Files Upload Documents Gallery Images

PhotoSwipe for I18N Gallery 1.0

[PhotoSwipe]( "PhotoSwipe") - JavaScript gallery, no dependencies. Gallery... Tagged: gallery responsive

Minify CSS 0.1

<span style="font-weight: bold;" class="mycode_b"> This small plugin minifies one... Tagged: css minify minification

TS LinkChanger 0.2

## Background GetSimple stores any link and picture as an absolute URL. If you move your site e.g. from... Tagged: link content

Custom JS 0.1

This plugin adds custom JavaScript code to any GetSimple CMS theme footer. Tagged: Custom JS JavaScript

Musics list printer 2020 2020

Output all music files from one folder. To use the plug-in, you need to create folder in the Files section,... Tagged: music mp3 ogg player

ItemManager 2.4.6

# ItemManager 2 ItemManager (IM) is a simple flat-file framework for GetSimple-CMS that allows you to... Tagged: catalog shop blog article lists data management database emulator flat-file framework

Accessibility 1.1

Add an Accessibility Toolbar for people with vision problems. <br><br> Ver. 1.1... Tagged: accessibility toolbar vision problems blind

Responsive FileManager 2.8

This plugin is a great project called Responsive filemanager integration into GetSimple CMS.<br> **RFM... Tagged: file manager responsive upload image edit tools animated image gallery

Migrate 0.4

This plugin automates the URLs modifying in cases when site changes the domain address.<br> The... Tagged: migrate move site another domain i18n special fields

ICDM File Download Manager 1.0

InCodDownloadManager download Manager for GS 3.x. The plugin allows you to place links and buttons to... Tagged: Download Manager Files

Musics list printer 3.0

Output all music files from one folder. To use the plug-in, you need to create folder in the Files section,... Tagged: music ogg mp3

V3LSEC: Very3 Login Security 1.0.6

#### Updates * 1.0.6 adds user-aware tab (can be hidden), improved form validation, inline help, bug... Tagged: authentication login security logging notifications

Custom Title 1.5

This plugin allows you to change the default title tag, you can use the following variables: -... Tagged: custom title seo

Simple User Log 1

**Simple User Log Plugin** See who is currently logged in to GetSimple The idea for the plugin came from... Tagged: user admin login tracker

Simple Access Plugin 1.1

# Simple Access Plugin An updated version from the original and much simpler. Depending on the... Tagged: admin permissions users pages control access

Components Extended 0.9.3

# GS Components Extended Augmented functionality for cleaner and more powerful GetSimpleCMS... Tagged: component slug get_component ajax modified created date components extended

Stripe Payment System Plugin (updated 0.8

## Stripe Payments Plugin __0.8__ We have our first Stripe payments plugin for Get Simple CMS. This... Tagged: Payment Gateway online pay

Collapsable pages (Backend) Created andy-man & Carlos edit by multicolor 0.1

Adds collapse/expand-functionality to page-list script by andy-man / plugin created by Carlos / added... Tagged: collapse subpages subpages hide dropdown subpages pages hide

Basket plugin MOD 1.2.4

This plugin is an original Basket Plugin modification. Basket MOD Plugin is based on Basket Plugin ver.... Tagged: basket catalog commerce shop search i18n

Search Widgets 0.2

Search Widgets expands the possibilities of i18n_search and i18n_specialpages plugins. This plugin can be... Tagged: catalog commerce shop search filtering sorting pagination

I18N Special Pages extras 1.25

This plugin allows you to control which special page fields are required, validate fields by regex, it allows... Tagged: field required field validation special pages field info required I18N Special Pages images

MSbip - Blocking by IP address 1.1

Blocking user access to the site by the IP address. In the "settings" section the... Tagged: blockip ip ipadress

Contact us via Whatsapp 0.1

Contact button via whatsapp on your site. Tagged: whatsapp contact api

ImForms 0.3

ImForms is a light-weight, user-friendly plugin that allows you to build and manage customizable forms for... Tagged: form email contact form creater

GetSimple Blog 3.4.4

A simple and easy to use blog for GetSimple. With this plugin, you can create blog posts, sort posts by... Tagged: gs-blog gsblog gs get simple blog news manager feed rss post posts archive categories pages get simple plugin

IM Extra Fields 1.0.2

#IM Extra Fields **GetSimple plugin based on ItemManager 2** IM Extra Fields is a GS plugin... Tagged: custom fields custom pages extra fields extended pages

URL Corrector 2.0

# URL Corrector for [GetSimple CMS]( GetSimple is a very good... Tagged: url bugfix

p01-contact 1.1.3

Create contact forms by writing simple tags. - Supports any fields types - Powerful textual syntax -... Tagged: form contact contact form

i18n_gallery_modify 1.0

This modify give you a new function for manipulate gallery. If you have a many alboms in gallery this add... Tagged: i18n_gallery gallery

TS Edit Anywhere 0.1

This plugin enables a comfortable editing from within the frontend. It also turns the behavior from the... Tagged: editing content

Extra Gallery 1.09

Extra Gallery is a backend plugin for creating galleries, with advanced features like: custom fields,... Tagged: gallery multi language cropping thumbnail images galleries extra

Recaptcha Mailhide 2.0.0

This plugin scan the content page (not header and footer) for email addresses like mailto links or simple... Tagged: mailhide recaptcha mail

Components Highlight 1.0

The plugin allows you to highlight the syntax in the component editor. For highlighting, the... Tagged: Syntax Highlight

Sponsor logo 1.1

If you have a website for a sports club, then maybe you would like to show who your sponsors are. With... Tagged: plugin sponsor logo

Files Warden 1.1

Shows changes made on the website. Useful for viruses check. ![]( Based... Tagged: plugin admin changes

Password Protect 1.0.0

# Password Protect Password Protect let's GetSimple CMS users assign a password to their pages, a... Tagged: password protect restrict

Create New Page From 404 "Page Not Found" Error 1.0 - 2017.09.20

This plugin will add a "create" link to a 404 "page not found" error if the user has... Tagged: 404 page not found

Image Resizer 1.05

This plugins let's you dynamically generate resized images from your uploads folder. It supports... Tagged: image resizer resizer responsive image

XML Components 1.0

This plugin allows to extend Your theme functionality with XML Components. You can create, modify custom XML... Tagged: xml data admin custom

Functions 0.1

Run FUNCTIONS inside of page contents in specific TAG <br>(%function:myfirstfunction%) and put your... Tagged:

mp3-html5.php 0.1

Place mp3 html5 player inside of page contents in this specific TAG: **(% mp3html5: yourmp3.mp3 %)** Place... Tagged:

Pages Access 1.0.8

*Please note: As this is a newer plugin, changes may occur frequently in the first few days of release. If... Tagged: pages access admin users

Math 0.3

Displays mathematical LaTeX formulas within your pages, if they are included within $$ ...... Tagged: math formula LaTeX

SimpleCatalog 0.4

#SimpleCatalog (Beta) SimpeCatalog is a plugin based on... Tagged: catalog products article items categories

Frontainer 1.0.1

Frontainer is a lightweight frontend user management and password authorization plugin for GetSimple-CMS,... Tagged: frontend user management password authorization login private area

Multilevel Navigation 1.01

Plugin presents your menu in nested DIV's width DOM-classes like this: <pre> ` <div... Tagged: multilevel navigation navi

Simple C(ontact) Fork 1.3.3

[Simple C(ontact)]( Fork __Key features__ 1.... Tagged: form contact contact form

Simple Thumbs 0.2

Plugin is intended to help with thumbnails regeneration when you change default thumbnail size or you want to... Tagged: thumbnails thumbs

nanoGALLERY4GS 4.4.2a

**Image gallery plugin.** A powerful and easy to setup GetSimple plugin for displaying image galleries,... Tagged: Image Gallery Slideshow Photo Google Photos Google+ Flickr

Simple Dir Listing 0.4

This is RobA's SimpleDir plugin with some features added by lokothodida. None of it is my work and I... Tagged: directory list file display download

FancyBoxPlugin 1.1

This little Plugin (only three files with less then 40 lines ^^) enables [FancyBox]( for... Tagged: fancybox image front photobox lightbox

Twig Plugin 1.3

This plugin allows you to use the Twig template engine within the themes that use it. In particular, the... Tagged: template engine twig simple theme mvc model view control graphic design

GSCkePatch 0.4

THIS PLUGIN IS NO LONGER NEEDED. THE LATEST VERSIONS OF GS INCLUDES CKEDITOR 3.4! overrides... Tagged: ckeditor patch cke_patch ie11

Lightbox plugin 1.6

Lightbox is a plug-in for displaying full-size images from thumbnails and for creating simple image... Tagged: gallery lightbox

CityLightsPlugin 1.0

Plugin for [CityLights]( theme. Tagged: citylights theme

nanoGALLERY for I18N Gallery 1.0.2

A cool gallery plugin, mobile friendly fully responsive and swipe action, with slideshow... Tagged: gallery image picture photo slide show slideshow responsive swipe

Custom Navigation 0.1

This plugin would revisit the primary theme function 'get_navigation()' for the creation of the... Tagged: menu navigation nav custom get_navigation theme function

Youtube Video Loader 0.3

**Add a Youtube Video on a page using it's URL.** Examples of usage (in page editor): Responsive... Tagged: youtube video

Aleksmir_math 16.07.02

Plugin aleksmir_math for GetSimple simple to add mathematical formulas to your pages. This plugin allows you... Tagged: katex latex math show formulas

FAQ 1.3

Allows you to define FAQs, where answers are only shown after you click on the question. Example:... Tagged: faq questions answers

CSS CKeditor 0.5

**CSS CKeditor** *Description* This plugin is a simple manager that allows you to use a specific CSS... Tagged: CSS CKeditor WYSIWYG

Edit GS Page Dates Plugin (creDateShow) 1.0

GetSimple pages have a publish date (pubDate) that is updated every time the page is saved. If you use the... Tagged: date create publish show edit

i18n language menu EX 0.6

This plugin can:<br> 1. Displaying the flags of the countries to set the system language, with the... Tagged: i18n i18n lang menu language menu i18n language menu

Guestbook with pre-moderation 1.1

- This plugin allows you to insert an guestbook with pre-moderation of comments on your GS site. -... Tagged: guestbook comments reply captcha feedback

cleanUpload 2.0

This is cleaning your "Upload" from garbage (not used files in content or gallery albums &... Tagged: clean upload files content

Sharebar 1.2.6

The Sharebar plugin includes social media buttons below the content. With a option page, for activate or... Tagged: share social facebook redit stumbleon digg delicious

Share 3+ (G+, TW, FB) 1.1.2

Adds only the twitter, facebook and gplus button below the content. For a simple site sharing. **no... Tagged: social share button twitter google plus facebook

Share 5+ 1.2.1

This plugin adds the *Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Digg and LinkedIn* share buttons below the content.... Tagged: social buttons plugin twitter linkedin googleplus

Cookies plugin 1.3.1

The plugin writes a message in the page of the web for to accept cookies. If cookie is accepted then it... Tagged: cookies message

Force HTTPS 1.0.0

This plugin will simply force HTTPS on all pages on your website. Tagged: force https ssl

GShttpBL 0.3

This plugin uses's http:BL service to detect bots (by IP address) and prevents them... Tagged: blacklist block bot honeypot

Volunteer 0.4.9

A solution for managing a large number of contacts and/or events using Sqlite3 Allows volonteers to... Tagged: volunteers users contacts events database sqlite

Theme Settings 0.4

This plugin allows theme editors to easily include a configuration UI with their themes. Tagged: theme settings

Contact Form 6.1

Add a contact form to web site. **Features:** * captcha system with reload. * works with ... Tagged: contact form captcha email message smtp phpmailer

Open Graph Manager 0.0.2

# Open Graph Manager Plugin for Get Simple CMS This plugin can be used to extend the [Get Simple... Tagged: open graph twitter cards facebook meta tags twitter

Referrer Blocker 1.1.0

Referrer Blocker is a plugin that inspects the referrer of a website visitor, and checks it against a list... Tagged: referrer spam block

GS Plugin Installer 1.4.8

GS Plugin Installer is a plugin installer created for the GetSimple CMS, versions 3.3.x, It has not been... Tagged: plugin installer manager automatic installer

Select Filter 0.1

If you have a large site with many pages this will simplify editing pages, because you can filter any (large)... Tagged: large sites

I18N OnePage 0.9

Helper functions for single page themes. Tagged: single page one page

News Manager Date/Time Picker 0.1.1

Adds a date/time picker to News Manager's post editor. 0.1.1 adapted to use GetSimple colors (red,... Tagged: news manager date time picker selector

GS Custom Settings 0.6.2

GS Custom Settings is a plugin which lets webmasters/ site managers, theme and plugin developers implement... Tagged: GS Custom Settings fields settings input template interactive lookup

DY Redirect 1.1

This plugin allows you easily setup page redirect with GUI. Usage: * On Page Edit select from drop-down... Tagged: redirect

DY Maintenance 1.0

Enabling maintenance mode of the website. Usage: * Install and activate plugin; * Got to Settings... Tagged: website maintenance

AdminXML Plus 0.3

AdminXML Plus allows easily & quickly customizing the admin.xml file from the GS interface, with instant... Tagged: admin theme xml settings

GS_Shortcodes 1.1

GS_Shortcodes is a port of Wordpress Shortcodes for GetSimple. It comes with the following Shortcodes... Tagged: Shortcodes Plugin

Extra Router 1.01

This plugin adds some more control for routing requested url address into specific page. It checks url across... Tagged: router url rewrite

GSMaintenance 1.0.6

A simple plugin to put your site in "Maintenance Mode". You can entirely create the message (or... Tagged: Site maintenance offline

DY Simple Photo Gallery 1.0

This plugin allows you to show photos from given folder as photogallery. **Usage:** * Place shortcode... Tagged: photo gallery photogallery image

DY File Include 2 1.0

This plugin allows you to include content from uploaded text files with Markdown syntax. **Usage:** *... Tagged: content file markdown

VK Comments 1.1

English: Provides Vkontakte ( comments on pages. Support settings: width, limit, attach, mini,... Tagged: vk comment comments ??????????? ?????????

DY Website Custom Fields 1.0

This plugin allows you to specify website custom fields. It works similar to <a... Tagged: fields website

Url Rewrite 1.1

This plugin can be useful when you are migrating old html based website to GetSimple. You can keep your... Tagged: url rewrite SEF SEO

DY Breadcrumbs 1.4

Simple breadcrumbs navigation for website. Tagged: navigation breadcrumbs template function

DY Lorem Ipsum 1.0

Lorem Ipsum text generator. Useful tool for theme developer. Place shortcodes in a page content and view... Tagged: content development generator

DY Page Include 1.0

Includes content from one page to another **Usage** * Insert shortcode in a page: (% dyPageInclude :... Tagged: content page include html

DY File Include 1.0

Includes text file into a page content. **Usage:** *Upload text file into upload directory or its... Tagged: content file text html

Czechoslovak Transliteration 0.1

A simple plugin that ensures perfect transliteration your Czech or Slovak title into the page slug / URL... Tagged: transliteration czech slovak

DY CSV Table 1.0

Presents a data from CSV file in a HTML table **Features:** * Shortcodes support * Rows... Tagged: data csv table

I18N Extras 1.01

***This plugin requires: I18N Special Pages extras plugin*** This plugin adds new features to I18N... Tagged: language copy multilanguage i18n internationalization

DY XML Table 1.0

Presents a data from XML document in a HTML table. You can get more information on [DY XML Table... Tagged: data xml table

DY Page View Count 1.1

Simple plugin counts each page view. Call function in your theme template to show how many times page has... Tagged: data view count

DY Obfuscator 1.0

Simple obfuscation of email, phone number and other published personal data. DY Obfuscator can be used via... Tagged: obfuscation data email security

GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 1.0

Enhance your GetSimple website with multi-format HTML5-based document annotation... Tagged: groupdocs html5 document annotation html5 pdf annotation html5 image annotation

TS Redirect 0.1a

This plugin allows you to integrate any link in your menu. By tagging the keyword-field with... Tagged: redirect menu navigation links

JQuery Spoiler 1.0

Just type: __[spoiler] [title] spoiler title [/title] spoiler content [/spoiler]__ in... Tagged: spoiler jquery

PubDate Fix (publication date) 0.3

Makes GetSimple pages' date field fixed and editable, and adds new replacement *lastUpdate* field. It... Tagged: date time fix fixed datetime picker post posts news blog publication published pubdate

Piwik Integration 1.0

Updated version of the Piwik stats plugin... Tagged: piwik plugin statistic

Markdown Editor 0.1

This plugin allows you to create and edit pages using the [Markdown... Tagged: markdown editor edit markup pages html

Components in Admin Pages Sidebar 0.2

If you frequently edit your GetSimple components, it can be handy to have a shortcut link in GetSimple's... Tagged: components pages edit shortcut sidebar

Simple Input Tabs 2.6

Simple Input Tabs 2 ==== >Content management with twice the simplicity. Simple Input Tabs takes some... Tagged: simple input tabs extra template theme content user more additional edit

Fancy URLs in IIS 2.0

# GS Fancy URLs on IIS Windows Server **[Please use Tagged: iis fancy urls web.config fancy urls seo

GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET 1.0

Let your users view and annotate PDF, Microsoft Office, CAD and 50+ other document and image types right on... Tagged: groupdocs document annotation pdf annotation image annotation

GSCkeRelativeUrls 0.1

Changes ckeditors local links from absolute host, to relative root... Tagged: ckeditor cke relative url local link

Display error 1

#With this plugin you can see from admin > support:# * the error log of getsimple, delete errors or... Tagged: error 404 log spam

Scroll Me Up 1.0.5

Demo link : []( "Demo page") **Scroll-To-Top... Tagged: scroll to top content anchor jquery button

Front-End User Login Enhanced 1.7.2

**A plugin for rights control for page access at the front end.** Users can register for the page, to get... Tagged: user+login login multi+user front-end+login

Imagizer 1.3

The plugin intercepts uploading file and resizes it to desired dimensions (thus, reducing its size).... Tagged: image upload resize image resizing convert watermark

Fixed-Social-Toolbar 1.0

Adds fixed social toolbar to the bottom of the website Tagged: facebook twitter post social media Toolbar bottom Toolbar

Page Lock 1.21

With this plugin you can limit changes in page options, deleting, creating selected pages. <p>Page... Tagged: permissions page options lock disable slug disable delete new pages disable creating pages

NivoSlider for I18N Gallery 1.0

<p>This "plugin to a plugin" adds <i>another</i> gallery type to the... Tagged: slider gallery responsive

Small Plugin Toolkit 1.5

1.5 Simplified and loosened the restrictions when discovering tokens. This plugin is a small collection of... Tagged: plugin toolkit helper function hook data form easy

I18N Link Manager 2.2

A plugin to manage a collection of links (I18N enabled) based on code of Rogier Koppejan . Tagged: i18n link manager sidebar

GroupDocs Documents Annotation 1.0

GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud plugin for GetSimple lets you embed documents, complete with... Tagged: pdf doc documents annotation

GroupDocs Documents Viewer 1.0

The GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud plugin for GetSimple allows you to embed documents, complete with an online... Tagged: groupdocs online viewer documents viewer pdf viewer

GroupDocs Document Signature 1.0

GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud plugin allows you to sign electronic documents online, without the need of... Tagged: plugin groupdocs signature

GroupDocs Document Assembly 1.0

GroupDocs.Assembly app allows you to automate generation of contracts, invoices, quotes and other business... Tagged: document assembly online document assembly document generation automated document generation

GroupDocs Document Comparison 1.0

The GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud plugin for GetSimple CMS allows you to embed and compare two Word... Tagged:

My Video Display 1.01

The plugin allows you to add a video player on your site. The video must be on your site in the directory.... Tagged: video player MP4 video file video

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java | PDF Document Viewer 1.0

GroupDocs.Viewer is a universal document viewer that lets you display PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint,... Tagged: groupdocs document viewer java document viewer java pdf viewer pdf viewer pdf word excel powepoint

Plugin Lock 1.00

This plugin allows to block access to specified plugins or plugin area parts for admin panel selected... Tagged: plugin access permissions plugin lock user managment

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET | HTML5 Document Viewer 1.0

This plugin lets GetSimple developers to seamlessly integrate <a... Tagged: groupdocs document viewer document viewer pdf word excel powepoint

nanoSLIDER4GS 1.2.0a

This plugin is a portage of the **NIVO SLIDER** to **GetSimple CMS**. It provides a very easy method to... Tagged: Image Slider Slideshow Photo Picasa Google+ Flickr

scroll to top 0.2.1

This simple plugin displays a button / arrow in the lower right corner of the page, if the page height is... Tagged: scroll arrow scroll to top scroll to top

User config settings 0.3

This small plugin lets you define some user-specific (and default) gsconfig settings. For example, you can... Tagged: users configuration gsconfig editor toolbar

Cart For GetSimple 1.2

Plugin features: Small Cart, Cart Page for making orders, Orders history (for admin and for user), Discounts... Tagged: basket magazine catalog commerce cart shop orders

Less 0.9.1

This plugin helps you write your style sheets in "less" instead of CSS and will automatically... Tagged: less css theme

Maintenance Mode 1.0.1

Our Maintenance Mode plugin allows you to easily enable or disable access to your site with a custom message... Tagged: maintenance mode

Edit Syntax Highlight 1.0

Adds syntax highlighting when the HTML editor is disabled Tagged: admin edit syntax highlighting

Include Page 1.0

Replace place holders in pages with content from other page. To include page with slug *example* use `{%... Tagged: include

Guestbook 4.5.6

Add a guestbook to your site easily.<br /> <br /> <b>Description and... Tagged: guestbook comments emoticons reply captcha bbcode

News Manager 2.2.4

### NOTE: Updated version of this plugin [available... Tagged: plugin news blog i18n

i18n Announce 0.1

Description ---- The i18n_announce plugin allows you to display short messages are shown for a specific... Tagged: announce i18n

CD - Open Graph & Social Integrations 1.1

This plugin provides Open Graph and other social integration's. <br> <br> <b>Add... Tagged: Open Graph Social Integration Facebook Google+ Authorship SEO

Modern Admin 1.5

This is the second version of the Modern Responsive Admin theme that is installed via plugin. This admin... Tagged:

Simple C(ontact) 0.0.3

This plugin is a fork of Nicolas Liautaud's popular [p01-contact... Tagged: form contact contact form

TS Edit in same window 0.1

### Goal This Plugin turns the behaviour of the "VIEW" button on the edit page. After... Tagged: admin site creation

TS TempReplacer 0.1

## Background Sometimes it would be very helpful if parts of the site could be changed... Tagged: replace

Pages & Comments 3.2

With this plugin is very easy to put comments in a page created with getsimple. It is a beta version but I... Tagged: comments guestbook captcha emoticons phpmailer users

TS FastReplacer 0.1

## Background If a site should switch to production state often the absolute filenames will be a... Tagged: replace content links

Fix PL orphans / Poprawienie wisz?cych sierotek 0.1

This plugin automatically fixes orphans in page content for you! (In Polish) Right after installation :)... Tagged: pl orphans sierotki typografia

SCSS 0.1

This plugin helps you write your style sheets in SCSS instead of CSS and will automatically compile these... Tagged: scss css theme

TS Nolink 0.1

This Plugin converts a link in a menu into "#" to prevent opening. ### Background If you are... Tagged: links navigation menu

URLShortener 1.0

Allows you to shorten any URLs. * Go to the pages tab, then choose URLShortener * Enter the URL you want... Tagged: shortener short URL URI redirect

I18N Search for News Manager Posts 0.3

This plugin allows you to search News Manager posts with I18N search plugin. v.01 - Initial... Tagged: i18n search newsmanager plugin

Pages excerpts 2 0.3

<pre> Simply add page excerpts in your pages. Same as original plugin... Tagged: excerpt

SA Development Suite 0.8

## Development plugin to assist developers ## Version: 0.8 Compatibility: 3.1 Plugin Type:... Tagged: developer debug console benchmark programming

Edit Page 1.1

Edit Page ============== A very simple plugin for the GetSimple CMS which does nothing, but adding an... Tagged: edit page edit content administration

Current Parent 1.0

Current-Parent ============== A plugin for the GetSimple CMS, which adds the "current" class to... Tagged: parent list item navigation current active highlight

SA GS Admin Toolbar 1.1

Adds a Front-End Administrative toolbar Includes all tabs and sidemenus by default, depending on plugin... Tagged: plugin admin frontend toolbar adminbar

Absolute Link Fixer 1.00

<p>This plugin replaces all occurencies of current site path string to specified string, while saving... Tagged: absolute link absolute url link images

Google Universal Analytics 0.3

Based off of the Google Analytics plugin by [Philip Newcomer](,... Tagged: google analytics tracking

Markdown markup 1.0.0

This plugin will allow you to use Markdown in your page content. Tagged: markdown markup

random quotes 0.1

Extend your homepage with random quotes. You can find a example here(right side): Tagged: quotes random

Links Manager 2.0.4

A plugin to manage a collection of links and link categories. Thanks to mtw for randlink code. Tagged: links categories plugin

Image Alignment Classes 1.0

# Image Alignment Classes v1.0 by []( CKEditor (the WYSIWYG content... Tagged: images themes developers

News Manager Title 0.2

This plugin tries to add the title of the current News Manager post to the page `<title>` tag. It... Tagged: news manager title post seo blog posts

News Manager CreatePost 0.2

This simple plugin shows a shortcut link in GS Page Management sidebar for quickly creating News Manager... Tagged: news manager shortcut admin create post

GetSimple Contact 1.3.0

An easy to use GetSimple contact form plugin with minimal configuration. For detailed information’s... Tagged: form contact contact form simple contact simple contact form

Structured menu 1.0

Structured Menu is a GetSimple-plugin, that translates the flat menustructure of the GetSimple-standard-menu... Tagged: menu structured hirarchical sub-menu submenu child parent

Creole Wiki Markup 0.1

Creole Wiki Markup is a GetSimple plugin that allows to use [Creole 1.0 wiki... Tagged: wiki markup creole

Coa 1.11

**Coa, a GetSimple framework** Coa is a powerful framework to create lean and functional templates. It... Tagged: framework template language simple translation additional content tags hierarchical breadcrumb extended menus

Piwik stats plugin 1.0

Piwik plugin is a very simple and tiny plugin (4,2K uncompressed) to add piwik code to your GS... Tagged: stats piwik statistics

Client Files 0.9

This plugin is designed to provide private file downloads. I created this to provide files of ongoing work... Tagged: client upload file

Football Formation 1.0

Template tag plugin to display football pitch with players in a formation. Tagged: football formation plugin

Dailymotion Video Display 1.0

Derived from Youtube Video Display by luar007, You can use Dailymotion Video Display to add a dailymotion... Tagged: getsimple dailymotion video

Feedback Lite 0.2

A simple plugin for the feedback on the website. The feedback can be displayed on every... Tagged: guestbook feedback comments

Include executable files in content 1

Simply include an external file in the content addin {gsinclude nameofyourfile.ext} Tagged: content include

Redirect 0.1

This simple plugin allows you to redirect individual pages to other pages (in the site, or external... Tagged: redirect redirection slug url uri

ABIwizard 1.0

ABIwizard is GetSimple Theme Library that will suit any theme developer to provide customization features on... Tagged: theme custom

External Commenting 0.9

A plugin to provide external commenting support. This version supports Disqus, IntenseDebate, Livefyre, or... Tagged: comment comments disqus intensedebate facebook livefyre VK

SimpleDir 0.3

Provides a CSS style-able directory listing. The plugin includes a bunch of filetype icons. Now with a... Tagged: dir listing

Calendar 1.8

With this plugin, you can create a simple calendar and add events with descriptions to everyday calendar. You... Tagged: calendar events event

Auto-open Page Options 2.0

Automatically opens the page options when editing pages Version 2.0: remembers the state when you last... Tagged: page options auto-open open

Fartscroll 1.0

Give your website wind. ================== A very simple plugin to include the Onions fartscroll script... Tagged: fart noise annoying the onion

Last tweet(s) 1.2

I like it myself to show one or two last tweets in the sidebar on my site. I was a bit surprised this kind of... Tagged: twitter tweet plugin socialmedia

Spoiler Plugin 1.9

This Plugin adds the ability to use [spoiler] [/spoiler] BBCode Style on GetSimple Pages. It is optimized... Tagged: Spoiler

Centralised Users 1.1

As the admin of a GetSimple site, you will be able to define members-only and guests only content for areas... Tagged: central centralised centralised users user sign in login registration

CUsers Message Board 1.0

Message board plugin to be used in conjunction with Centralised Users. Documentation is provided in the forum... Tagged: cusers users message board forum forums

HTML Navigation 2.0 2.0

The plugin reduces the load on your web server creating html files for simple navigation. These files may be... Tagged: cache html static light

Jappix Chat 1.0

A simple (only one file) module to add a Jappix chat on your front end site If you want you can fork... Tagged: jappix chat

Last Hashtag 1.0

This plugin can be used to show, in your sidebar site, the last tweet filter by hashtag. This is usefull if... Tagged: twitter social hashtag sidebar

Slogans 1.2

Simple slogan i18n plugin, works like 'component' from 'Themes' tab<br> How to... Tagged: i18n slogan phrase components

Plopfolio - Easy portfolio 1.3

Plopfolio // Easy portfolio for getsimple =========================== You can create a portfolio... Tagged: portfolio gallery plopfolio manager briefcase media pictures photo keywords link

Downloads Manager 1.2

What it does ? If you want to provide some Downloading stuff from your website, and are concerned about -... Tagged: downloading file management files Prasoon Gupta CPI

GST AdminLock 1

Our Latest plugin GST AdminLock, helps secure your GetSimple CMS administration panel from intrusion. By only... Tagged: secure admin panel security plugin

Microdata breadcrumbs 1.0

Microdata Breadcrumbs breadcrumbs for both navigation and SEO in GetSimple... Tagged: breadcrumbs microdata seo navigation fil d'ariane microdonnees

SIS-Handball 1.0

Dieses Plugin ermöglicht die Darstellung von Ergebissen und Tabellen Ihres Vereins bzw. Ihrer Mannschaft... Tagged: xml handball sportsdata service export schnittstelle ergebnisdienst

News Manager Toolbar 0.1.2

Integrates News Manager with the SA GS Admin Toolbar. Adds top level links (tabs) to: - News Manager main... Tagged: news manager toolbar admin frontend adminbar edit

Breadcrumbs 1.0.2

create nice bread crumbs for your themes, easy to manage able through admin and and with you theme css Tagged: Breadcrumbs

sa hook components 0.2.2

Auto executes components based on plugin hooks. Just name the component to match the hook name and it will... Tagged: plugin hook component php script code dev

Pages Fields 0.1.0

This is an extension of the pages-excerpts... Tagged: Pages Fields Field References Excerpts

GS Blog 1.5

**Outline Of Plugin:** * Create blog posts * Blog categories * Post archives * Recent... Tagged: gs-blog blog news manager pages posts special categories rss

Trailing Slash Auto Adder 1.1

Thank you for the notify the bug to me. :-) Changelog Fix throwing error of undefined... Tagged: redirect redirection trailing slash url

Facebook Events 1.0.1

This plugin allows you to pull events from Facebook and display them in your website. Tagged: facebook events

Hierarchical Menus 1.1

A simple plugin that enables template functions to display hierarchical page menus. Tagged: menus plugin

Pajax 1.4.5

This has been open sourced Pajax loads content through ajax. It's... Tagged: pajax ajax navigation content load 5wooley4

Remove sitemap (GS 3.1) 0.2

Since version 3.1 GetSimple generates a sitemap.xml file in the root of the site, even if you have disabled... Tagged: sitemap sitemap.xml ping search engines

SA X-XSS off 1.1

Sends header to disable cient based XSS protection. Webkit browsers have a filter that is made to prevent... Tagged: admin xss chrome

KCFinder File Manager 2.2

This plugin provides a new File manager which allows you o - detach the File Manager to have it at your... Tagged: File manager plugin

WJ Notepad 1.0

Store your notes, guides, hints, todos and whatever content you'd like, for later usage. This... Tagged: notepad notes guide howto hints todo

Club Theme Settings 1.1

Settings for the Club Theme. This plugin adds settings for the theme color, footer text, and footer... Tagged:

MetaRobots 1.1

**Outline Of Plugin:** * Ability to select "No Follow, No Index" from within create/edit... Tagged: meta meta tags robots google search engine

Multi User 1.8.2

**Multi-User Plugin For User Management, User Creation & User Restrictions/Permissions** **Edit... Tagged: getsimple getsimple multi-user getsimple multi user user permissions add user edit user user management

Syntax Highlighting for Components View using ACE Javascript editor. 0.1

Performs syntax highlighting at admin components view using the [ACE editor]( Tagged: Component Syntax Highlighting ACE Syntax Highlighting Editor Javascript

TIDEngine News/Blog Manager 2.0 2.2

TIDEngine News/Blog Manager - This is 2.0 release completely updated from version 1.0+. Release 2.2 with... Tagged: news news manager blog blog manager

kt block login 2.0

This is a very simple plugin that will block an IP address for one hour after three failed login... Tagged: login block deny

Items Manager 1.6

An items manager to manage products, services, and other related items. *Detailed information about this... Tagged: items manager products items blog catelog

Online Visitors Counter 1.1

Simple plugin that counts, and displays amount of users currently visiting your website. Search bots, and ... Tagged: visitors online users counter

RSS Import 0.1a

**Description** A very simple RSS feed import for showing headlines of an RSS feed in your sidebar. This... Tagged: rss import external feed

SA Tags 0.2

Adds Tagging GUI to keyword / Tagging input fields. Tagged: tags admin tagging keywords

SA Toc / Anchors Plugin 0.3

Dynamically inserts a Table of Contents navigation menu where you want it. Automatically adds IDs and... Tagged: toc header anchor menu wiki

TIDEngine News/Blog Manager 1.5

TIDEngine News/Blog Manager - This is new release of Extended News Manager Plugin. Features: ======= * ... Tagged: news news manager blog blog manager

Theme Highlighter 1.1

Performs syntax highlighting (coloring), when editing the theme (php, css, js) or the components in the... Tagged: theme component highlight syntax highlighting color autocompletion suggestion

GZipIt! 0.3

<b>GZip</b>It enables gzip compression per zlib.output_compression. If it is not enabled, PHP... Tagged: gzip compression kompression speed pagespeed ladezeit geschwindigkeit

Free Disk Space cPanel 1.0

Plugin that shows used / remaining disk space on cPanel hosting Get Simple CMS installations. Tagged: free disk space cpanel

MLD newsletter 0.8

The MLD newsletter plugin adds full e-mail newsletter functionality to your GetSimple website. Let visitors... Tagged: newsletter email news

FAQ Manager 1.2

This is a simple and easy to use F.A.Q. manager. **Features** * Create, edit & delete... Tagged: faq questions frequently asked questions faq manager

user-lock 1.0

This plugin checks if another user is editing a page, and avoids another user to edit the page until the... Tagged: lock mutex

Simple Backups 1.0.5

Automated, schedulable remote and local backups for your GetSimple websites - because accidents... Tagged: automatic backups simplebackups ftp s3 email schedule cron

User vCard 1.0

The user-vCard GetSimple Plugin allows the users of a site to dynamically create profile pages and a... Tagged: vcard contact contact form user profile

Updater 1.0.1

Keep your GetSimple installation and plugins up to date. [Download Updater from GetSimple... Tagged: updater plugins automatic

GSEventCalendar 0.2

A Simple Event List Plugin with ICS page Template. Changelog v0.2: ICS.php > One Line Discription ... Tagged: Events Calendar ICS

GetSimple Contactable 1.9

*** This plugin is for GS 3.1 and above only !!! *** GS Contactable is a Getsimple plugin designed to... Tagged: GS3.1 email form contact form

Thajax 1.0.2

Thajax 1.0.0 beta is now on extend. As with everything I make, this is offered as is. Myself and a few others... Tagged: ajax thajax theme editor replacement 5wooley4

Google map 2.0

This plugin displays a map of Google Maps on your GetSimple... Tagged: google map

HTML Navigation 1.0

This Plugin Creates HTML files for all the pages of Get Simple Website. The HTML navigation is enabled as... Tagged: caching html pages static pages

Front-End User Login 3.1

**Outline Of Plugin:** * Users Can Register For An Account * Users Can Sign In And Logout * ... Tagged: user login login multi user front-end login

Shortnr Light 1

Find it in the Plugins tab, enter the URL you want shortened, and hit Shortn! This is a simple derivative... Tagged: url short shortener permalink

Page Plugins 1.0

This is a plugin that allows the admin to turn on/off plugins at the page level. This has been updated and... Tagged: Plugin Page Level Order

Simple Chat 1.0

A simple chat program that displays on a page that has chat in the URL Admin can delete old chats. If... Tagged: Chat Plugin

Simple Newsletter Plugin 1.01

This is a newsletter plugin that allows the emailing of any page as a newsletter. The plugin handles... Tagged: Plugin Newsletter Email

Plugin Reorder 1.01

I have created a plugin that allows the admin to reorder the plugins so that content is loaded in the order... Tagged: Plugins Reorder

Font Resizer 1.01

I have created a new plugin that allows a website visitor to increase/decrease the font size of the page... Tagged: Font Resizing Plugin

News Manager RSS 1.1.0

Allows you to serve your News Manager blog as an RSS feed. Requires [News... Tagged: newsmanager rss feed subscribe blog

SEO Manager 1.0

**Outline Of Plugin:** * Ability to add/delete keyphrases to place in template files * Ability... Tagged: getsimple seo seo search engine google

BSG Admin Header Background 1.1

For those who use GetSimple on multiple installations, it's sometimes uneasy to identify at a glance on... Tagged: admin customization

Pinterest (All Templates) 1.1

Allow the "pinning" of articles. Please update your plugin, this version should work on all... Tagged: Pinterest Social Media

Nibbler Verification Code Insert 1.0

Easily claim your website from http:// without having to edit your theme files... Tagged: Nibbler verification

i18n language menu 0.1

This plugin automatically generates language menu with links to change language and stay on same... Tagged: i18n i18n lang menu language menu i18n language menu

Theme Switcher 0.1

Allows the switching of themes by the site visitor: * all templates configured in any page must exist in... Tagged: theme template switch

DynPages 0.7.2

The plugin allows you to use a placeholder to include a component on the page and even pass parameters to... Tagged: dynamic content

debugmode 1.2

A simple plugin to enable/disable Debug mode in GS without having to change the GSCONFIG file v1.2 just... Tagged: debug

SA PageTime Plugin 1.0

Adds page generation times to page footers Tagged: plugin time page duration

Nested Menus 1.4

Provides a set of template tags to return or print the main navigation as a set of nested pages, i.e. child... Tagged: nested menu list parent children child submenu navigation subnav subnavigation nav expanding

ARGuestbook 1.2.0

With this plugin you can have a complete guestbook on your getsimple site,it has post management (from admin... Tagged: guestbook news manager

Default Content 1.2

This plugin allows "Default Content" to be automatically filled into the content area in the... Tagged: default content

Basic contact form 1

A simple, `set_contact_form()`-like, contact form. Tagged: contact form set_contact_form

Random Content 1.0

This is a simple and easy to use plugin for displaying random content (ads, images, quotes, etc..) on your... Tagged: random ads random banners banners ads advertisements random content components

Simple Mobile Theme Changer 2.0

Automatically detects users browser, if the browser is that of a mobile phone it will switch the theme to the... Tagged: Mobile iPhone webOS Android iPad iPod

Extend downloader 1.0

This plugin will allow you to download and install items form the extend from within your... Tagged: Extend Downloader Plugin

Link Menus 0.1

This plugin allows you to make link menus, simply by checking a checkbox, and adding an url in the page edit... Tagged: link menu links menus

Simple Print 1.0

Simple Print allows you to specify a theme specifically designed for the printing of your pages. This... Tagged: print print theme simple print simple printing

Branded Login 1.1

With this plugin you can re-brand the login page to your GetSimple control panel with a logo. This plugin... Tagged: brand branding customize logo

GSgallery (Simple Image Gallery) 2.5.3

GSgallery is a Simple Image Gallery plugin for GetSimple CMS. **Features:** - Create multiple... Tagged: gallery images portfolio squareit gsgallery

Dominion Blog/News 0.5a

Allows you to create multiple blogs and news groups with items under them with images etc. News items will... Tagged: blog news

Mail Newsletter 1.0.1

This plugin sends an email with custom subject and body to email address list.... Tagged: mail newsletter distribution subscription list email

Child Menu 1.8

This GetSimple CMS plugin will automatically print links to children and siblings as a sub-menu on parent and... Tagged: parent child menu navigation

Google Analytics 0.2

This is a plugin that will add Google Analytics website tracking code to your GetSimple site. If you are... Tagged: google analytics tracking

Dominion jCart 0.5e

Carting system for multiple categories and products. With product descriptions and pictures. Can currently do... Tagged: cart shopping orders

Download Interceptor 1.0

Intercepts downloads and offers a veto filter and an action for other plugins, e.g. [Hitcount... Tagged: downloads images veto action

Document Indexer 0.1.1

This plugin extracts the text from all documents that are linked from non-private pages and puts it into the... Tagged: search documents

Events 2.1j

Plugin for adding events to a page (rich text enabled) Tagged: events calendar

Random Ads 1.1

This is a simple and easy to use plugin for displaying random ads, banners, or other content on your... Tagged: random ads random banners banner ads random banners

rss.php 0.1

An example of the plugin can be found at on the left bottom side of the page. It... Tagged: rss feed rss feed reader

Mp3 Player Ultimate 0.2e

Flexible Mp3 Player system that allows one to select from multiple mp3 players as your base player. Allows... Tagged: mp3 player audio music

Static pages plugin 0.3

The purpose of the plugin is to create a plain html version of the pages created in GS. Pages can also be... Tagged: static page remote

TinyMCE 0.2.1

This plugin enables TinyMCE as your HTML Editor. TinyMCE is developed by Moxiecode Systems AB. Please... Tagged: tinymce html editor

Link Manager 1.1.1

A plugin to manage a collection of links. See the sidebar of [this page]( for an... Tagged: plugin links sidebar blogroll i18n

Theme selector Advance 0.1b

This plugin is meant to give you a remote view of all the themes on a central server that the user can click... Tagged: theme central

Mp3 Plugin Extended 0.1d

Creates a mp3 player for the specific files you specify you want a player for via a tag in page on the spot... Tagged: mp3 player

Page Edit Options 1.2

This plugin adds the following icon options to the "Pages Overview" page o - Edit Page o -... Tagged: page options

slug Transliteration 2

A transliteration function that through this plugin can be added to your GetSimple core. It will replace... Tagged: core function changedata slug internationalisation internationalization i18n transliteration translation

Sitemap 1.0.1

This plugin automatically generates an ordered tree-like sitemap of your pages, giving visitors a complete... Tagged: plugin sitemap

SimpleCache 0.9

A very simple page cache for Get Simple. Individual cached pages are flushed when updated. Backend... Tagged: cache

Extended News Manager 2.0

Extended News Manager is News Manager Plugin version 2.0. Features: ======= * FANCY URLS Support *... Tagged: Extended News Manager RSS Fancy URL support Language Support

SimpleTumblr 0.2

This plugin provides a simple way to place a tumblr <> stream in your GetSimple... Tagged: tumblr blog

Cached Navigation 0.8

Whenever a page is requested with GetSimple the server needs to open and process every page file of the whole... Tagged: menu navigation cache performance

Keyword Search 1.0.1

A search plugin for GetSimple. It is similar to [nexfo's]( Tagged: plugin search keyword

URI Redirect 0.2.1

Version 0.2.1 Changes - * Added a check to make sure curl installed before trying to use it to do version... Tagged: uri redirect

The Photo Gallery 1.5

This is a gallery plugin that utilizes the folders within the "Files Management"... Tagged: photo gallery photo gallery lightbox thumbnails plugin

Status Messages 0.1

This plugin can be used to display status messages (update, error) in back-end plugin pages. It is almost... Tagged: plugin status message

Color Picker CSS 0.1

To edit the colors of the css files of themes of GetSimple. If the plugin is activated, it displays a... Tagged: color picker theme css

Innovation Theme Plugin 1.1

This is the plugin that gives added flexibility to the default theme for GetSimple 3.0 Tagged: innovation theme plugin

YouTube Video Display 1.0

Add a Youtube Video on the page from the youtube video ID. If you got an URL like... Tagged: getsimple youtube video display

Author vCard 1.1

This plugin allows you to add your contact information into a screen that then feeds a vCard generator for... Tagged: vcard hcard contact contact form

Plugin Insight 1.1

This plugin will mostly be used by developers. It shows all plugin “hooks” being called by the... Tagged: plugins information debug hooks

GS-Socialize 1.1

This plugin adds some of the more popular social media links to the bottom of all your posts & pages. Tagged: facebook twitter post social media pages

Admin Header Footer 1.0

This plugin allows you to add any code to the and footer sections of your GetSimple control panel. Both take... Tagged: header footer additional admin

Custom Admin CSS 1.1

Want your GetSimple control panel to have a different style? This plugin is for you. Tagged: custom customize style css

Link Juice 1.0

Enable 301 redirection to all 404 URIs and non-existing subdomains (when wildcard is enabled) to main page,... Tagged: SEO 301 404 subdomains redirection

Free Disk Space 1.0

Displays available free disk space on server in "Files" page. Tagged: free space disk space disk usage

Exec-PHP 1.1

This plugin allows you to execute PHP code within your posts & pages. Tagged: php exec execute code posts

SimplePageContent 1.2

If you need to load a block in every page of your web site, but you want an editable page for that block, you... Tagged: page content template php function

Protected content 0.7

Provides password protection for content on a named page and any child pages. Uses HTTP Basic... Tagged: authentication

SimpleGallery 0.92

This plugin enables a powerfull gallery. Just upload the pictures in "gallery" folder, setup gallery to fit... Tagged: gallery simple gallery just upload gallery lightbox gallery

Simple photo gallery 0.8

Simple photo gallery. ================ The main idea of this plugin was to make managing photos comfortably... Tagged: gallery

Pages excerpts 0.2.1

Simply add page excerpts in your pages. First author :... Tagged: excerpt

RePlacer 0.1

RePlacer replaces a definded placeholder (RePlace) with dynamic or static PHP contents. This plugin... Tagged: replace dynamic content placeholder

Maintenance 0.2

This plugin lets you enable "site maintenance". There's a possibility to edit the maintenance message, and... Tagged: Maintenance Plugin Under construction site offline

Admin Page Edit Dialog box enhancement 0.3a

Adds to the Images Dialog box that you use for page edit combo boxes to select images that was... Tagged: edit page image link files uploaded

Script Injector 0.2

Allows you to setup multiple scripts, iframes anything client side and then in the page on the spot where... Tagged: javascript inject page iframe

Addsense Enabler 1.0

Allows you to place adds anywhere on page where you want via a tag (%ad:ad_id%) or on sidebar/template... Tagged: adsense google

Edit this Page - Plugin 0.1

Allows you to edit pages from website if already logged in to admin console. Save you the time to go to... Tagged: edit page admin

Theme Selector 0.4b

Allows you to have a preview of all themes and select the one you want as active. Tagged: theme select

CustomFields 1.3

Allow you to add Custom Fields to your pages Tagged: custom fields page admin plugin