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Compatible with: GetSimple 3.3 - 3.3

Last Updated: September 17, 2023
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Author: multicolor
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Plugin Description:

3.1 - fixed value after delete some input. - added variant input for all page - added checkbox and dropdown.

2.1 -Added native ckeditor option from gsconfig

2.0 -Fixed clean data after delete some input from created settings. -Fixed lang in ckeditor -Fixed some css -added two option position new input

MultiField is Creator for Custom Fields for concrete page

  1. Create Page
  2. Go to MultiField Settings on plugins tab.
  3. Create input and save (copy function for template use)
  4. Go to Page what you created, and edit new input.
  5. Save, and paste function on template.

echo <?php multiFields('your-input') ;?>

return <?php r_multiFields('your-input') ;?>

if you are use checkbox always if checked return "on"

so if you want create on code something work with checkbox you must create if like this

<?php if(r_multiFields('checkboxname') == 'on' ){ //your code if checkbox return on. } ;?>

If you want use dropdown:

  1. get dropdown on multiField input type
  2. on title(label) input make like this Your name [value1,value2,value3]

How it's works?

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