Simple photo gallery

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Category: Plugin
Compatible with: GetSimple 2.03 -

Last Updated: December 26, 2010
Tags: gallery
Author: arse.bandit

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Plugin Description:

Simple photo gallery.

The main idea of this plugin was to make managing photos comfortably and easy. So you don't need to open FTP-client to upload photos. All your actions will be inside back-end.

Gallery can:

  • create/delete subfolders for each gallery
  • move files from default upload folder to subfolders that you create
  • adding files to existing folders
  • deleting files from folders.

It represent just images, without any garbage.

For any problems or feedback use this forum thread

Install Instructions:


copy this file to GetSimple plugins folder.


Upload files in Files page in default folder /data/uploads/


Point your browser to plugins page. In sidebar you will see Portfolio link. There you can create portfolio folders and uploading files to this folders.


In template editor place where you want this string . In Slug/URL of gallery page in Pages section write name of gallery folder made with Back-End of this plugin.