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Full Version: are there examples for keywords-/tags-using - with different plugins?
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is there any supporting example-site, that demonstrate, how to use keywords in a consistent way?

on getsimple sites, I get tags with get_page_meta_keywords(); , but without beeing linked. Here in the template.php
PHP Code:
if (function_exists('get_page_meta_keywords')) {
   $keywords ob_get_clean();
   if ($keywords    {
       echo "<!-- keywords -->
        <p class="
p-tags">Themen: <span class=\"keywords\" title=\"tags\">";
       echo $keywords."</span></p>\n"; } 
Links are only given in the tag-cloud? I think so?

The newsmanager-PlugIn delivers tags with links and add them to the GS tag-cloud, but if you link on a newsmanager-article-tag, it is just showing up its own article and doesn't include GS-pages with the same tag.

Tags of the I18N-gallery seems to be only provided for filtering images? They are not shown in the GS tag-cloud nor with the images?

So it would be nice, if tags are more usable for navigation.
Are there any help or know-hows?

3.4 will have some built in tags handling methods, but as of now there is not really much besides custom code to utilize it
(2017-10-15, 00:45:24)shawn_a Wrote: [ rel="nofollow" -> ]3.4 will have some built in tags handling methods,...

thanx! I'll be tight and wait.

So now I've to take the keyword-array in pieces and implement links by php?

I18N Search can be used to do stuff like that.
yes, thanx, I18N Search for the tagcloud,
but for the articles tags
admin/inc/theme_functions.php z66
gives *Page Meta Keywords*, the tags for articles, as
SimpleXMLExtended Object ( [0] => tag1, tag2, tag3 )

best will be for me still a template-update of the $keyword-array

best, bell
You don't need to do that ob_start etc. You can do this instead:
PHP Code:
$keywords get_page_meta_keywords(false); 

For an array of tags you can do something like:
PHP Code:
$keywords get_page_meta_keywords(false);
$keywords_array array_map('trim'explode(',',$keywords)); 
> You don't need to do that ob_start
I had the problem, that the output of the function was printed to early ...
what means the "false" - see, I've some php-voids ...

Thank you! Now its running - for the template-file I made this:
PHP Code:
if (function_exists('get_page_meta_keywords')) {
$keywords get_page_meta_keywords(false);
 if (
$keywords)     {
"<!-- keywords -->
    <p class=\"tags\">Marker: \n"
$keywords_array array_map('trim'explode(',',$keywords));    
        $nextRow FALSE 
       while ($i count($keywords_array))    {        
            if ($nextRow) {  print ", \n"; }    // a spacer
            $nextRow TRUE;
            $v sprintf(strtr($keywords_array[$i], " ""_"));
"<a href=\""; echo get_site_url(); echo "index.php?id=search&tags=".strtolower($v)."\" class=\"tag\">".strtr($v"_"" ")."</a>"                          
echo "\n</p>\n";                             

best, bell
Many GS template tags/functions display stuff by default, but return it without echoing if you pass false as a parameter.