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By clicking on the button the form will be sent - As I have already written an 'action' attribute is set to the form and not the button, button is just the trigger.
BTW. You can remove ReCaptcha block from your form to test it.
I'm so glad there is a new form extension for GetSimple, thank you!

It is missing translations. Here are my translations for German and French, only for the frontend. And a few corrections in the English file.
And a small bug: When not checking the reCaptcha, the message "Please complete the reCAPTCHA below!" appears twice
And a request: I need the same form in two languages. And if I needed a completely new form, I'd like to start with an existing form. It would therefore be nice if I could duplicate a form easily.
So far I have not been able to duplicate a form at all. The data for it should be in the files, but I could not find out which file, yet.

EDIT: seems to be in here: /data/imanager/items/ - not in an copy-/editable format
Ok, so I went through the somewhat frustrating process of recreating the same form field by field, only to find that the shortcode is not replaced in any language but the main ... Is ImForms not yet compatible with I18N?
It's probably a bug, when I get time, I'll look into it - thank you!
v.0.3 is available for download now.
There is an issue with i18n plugin, since i18n only supports two-letter language packs, but ImForms supports language pack approach of GS, with identifiers like en_US, de_DE, etc. Now, I have added an extra variable to the config, its used for the conversion of the language pack names and can be extended in the custom.config.php file as you need.

Also note that, the texts contained in the forms (such as the labels, etc), are excluded from translation and can only be changed by copying or cloning the form into the desired language.

By the way, cloning of the forms is very easy, you don't have to rebuild everything manually:
  1. First, go to the ImForms menu and create a new form called contact_de or contact_fr, for example.
  2. Then you can open/edit your 'contact' item in the ItemManager menu and copy the entire content of the 'Form Data' field, paste it into the new item(s). But you have to be careful that you copy and paste everything exactly, sometimes the browser doesn't delete the whole field content.
  3. After that you have to rename the forms so that they can be accessed in the frontend.
How can I call a sub site of GS in a form action? I tried it with the following code:

<form action="http://localhost/GetSimpleCMS/index.php?id=test"><input name="" required="" type="checkbox" value="" />Bestätigung<br />
<input type="submit" />&nbsp;</form>

but only the main site appears if I click on the button. The sub site test exists and when I use the above-quoted URL directly in a browser window it works. I can call directly the sub site test.
can you see in browser console whether the action attribute of the form is filled in?
Maybe it's another bug, I'll check it out, thx!
Just tested and it seems everything is working. I think there's something wrong with your concept. A form is designed to send the data to the server, to forward users you should better use a proper element, for example an <a> tag.
Could you please describe in detail what you have in mind, maybe we will find a better/suitable solution.
Hi Bigin,
I found a solution: I created a new html file with the following content:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=http://localhost/GetSimpleCMS/index.php?id=test">

and in the form I call this site and that works. I don't know why it does not work directly in the form.
Another question:
If I try to insert a html source code in a new site in GS and I save the site the system change the code. Why?
do you mean native GetSimple pages or does it apply to ImForms plugin? If you mean GS pages, there's probably editor that doesn't allow some tags. You can either disable CKEditor in settings, or just use the component for this purpose.
Another question:
If I try to insert a html source code in a new site in GS and I save the site the system change the code. Why?
I have the trouble with the native GS pages. When I disable the HTML Editor in the settings it works but in this case I cannot use the editor anymore because if I re-enable the editor the source code will be destroyed again. A bad solution. Can I modify the editor settings so it does not modify the code when I save the page?

I read the wiki and the documentation of the ckeditor but for me as a normal user it is very difficult to find out why the editor changes the code and what I have to change to solve the problem. Sad
Can you give an example of source code that get's destroyed after enabling ckeditor?
If I use the obove code per exampel:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=http://localhost/GetSimpleCMS/index.php?id=test">

and after saving this the code looks like:
<br />
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=http://localhost/GetSimpleCMS/index.php?id=test">
I Installed your plugin with ItemManager.
I opened your contact demo but I cannot see the checkbox and radio fields.

How I can add these fields in my contact form ?
Checkbox and radio fields are also only inputs - see HTML5 documentation:
(2019-02-05, 03:03:05)Bigin Wrote: [ rel="nofollow" -> ]Checkbox and radio fields are also only inputs - see HTML5 documentation:

I tried to add the input field then changed it from text to checkbox type. I don't see it in the front.
Then you did something wrong I see all my fields:

[Image: Screenshot%202019-02-04%2018.48.37.png?raw=1]

Check your code in browser console.

It depends from the css of my theme. I have disabled all css code for checkbox input. Now I have to write a new css for my theme
Probably obvious, but I don't see it, sorry: Where can I set the recipient?

EDIT: Now I see it, in a comment:
"This is the email address to which the Mailer will send all the messages."- $config->emailFrom
I just read "from" and thought it meant "from" ...
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