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Full Version: Server Problems: GetSimple Forum is always Down??
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The GetSimple Forum has been down nearly every night I tried to access it this year. I only get the 'NGINX –Bad Gateway' errors. But I don't see any mention of this on the site? Am I the only one seeing it down all the time???
It worries me about whether GetSimple is going to be able to continue, so I've gone back to learning about Wordpress, although I prefer GetSimple.
I don't know where you Host, but moving to a VPS (such as Digital Ocean or even cheaper, Vultr, might help the stability issues of the server. (And can set it up for free)
Maybe there should be an ongoing thread here to discuss the server problems, and what to do about it. There are probably some knowledgeable Nginx server techies here.
Also, it would be good to have a listed twitter account where news can be posted about the server being down, and when it's expected to be up again. Otherwise people get the impression that GetSimple is gone for good, which would be sad indeed.
Yeah it's a shame this happens so often lately. Shawn recently posted about it over here:

Facebook page:

Twitter page:
Is the hosting free at present?

Maybe we could have a twice a year fund raiser to pay for better hosting or look for sponsors.
(Just thinking out loud here) Heck, if we all put in $10.00 then I recon that would be a start.

GetSimple has become my main goto cms over the past few years.
I've used it for an intranet project with over 350 pages and multiple users. Built several themes and a plugin.
I'm currently on a project where I'm converting an existing 'Sitecore' cms to a GS for the simple reason that where and when ever I demo GS to the users, they all get excited and immediately say 'Yes, I want that!'.

It's extremely versatile. I tell everyone about it when I can. It's simplicity perfected.

It would be a real shame if it just faded away due to hosting problems.
Shawn has been talking about a similar idea over here: (there you can also read how the hosting is at the moment)
(2018-02-23, 06:02:49)datiswous Wrote: [ -> ]Shawn has been talking about a similar idea over here: (there you can also read how the hosting is at the moment)

Yeah I was reading that post a few days ago, not sure many people would sign up for a monthly subscription though, unless it was for a small amount that you wouldn't really miss from your account every month . . . say £2.00 ($3.00)

If we got even 100 people per month to do that, it would be a start. offer hosting for businesses, maybe GS could do the same. That seems to be part of their business model along with traditional donations.

I also read some of the info on - I like the look of that.

I think many of us who regularly use GS are willing to help in some way. Even if it's not necessarily with money but with time and contributions to the cms. The old saying 'many hands make light work' still applies I think. Even if each of us made a conscious effort to promote GS on social media several times per week then the exposure would be dramatically increased.
There are no stability issues, we have a spambot problem, we are being flooded constantly
I just disabled guest access entirely, fuck this shit, I am fucking tired of it.
Where are the spambots coming from? Most come from China, or a few other nations. If you have very few or no actual users in those places, then consider blocking ALL the IP addresses coming from those countries. Yes, that's extreme, but it could keep GS alive!!
Also, security experts often write that the MOST effective security is to allow only from a certain list of approved IP addresses. So as an extreme last resort: members could maybe fill out a form and submit their IP address, to be allowed to post. Of course, some internet providers change users IP every month. So in those cases, there would need to be some easy form or way to update their IP address. I read that's 100% effective, everything else can sometimes get hacked.
If you do switch servers, consider what I wrote at top about using a VPS (such as Digital Ocean or even cheaper, Vultr. And can set it up for free) I did this recently, and its much cheaper than shared hosting, and you have much more control to stop the spambots. You can use a free monitoring script like 'MONIT' to watch and block attacks. I'm not an expert at all, but I could help a bit with some of this, if you wish. And I'm sure others here will also help.
Yeah I know how it all works, but I am not in the hosting or sysadmin business, meaning I dont have the time or the desire to be one
(2018-02-24, 13:55:56)shawn_a Wrote: [ -> ]I just disabled guest access entirely, fuck this shit, I am fucking tired of it.

Hmm, I don't interfere in your affairs, but I hope you realize that your well-intentioned changes in the forum would do the site more harm than good?
GS and forum, that already kind of dead, needs Google indexing, so people can find it.

Did those forum changes really help? Those who want to survive in that highly technical environment should not exclude themselves from the surrounding world.
And there goes a day of development spent on dumb web shit.
Does anyone want to admin this menial shit ?
Has anyone looked into perhaps moving the forum to something like Disqus. They I think have better protection against spambots, as that's their main job. They have a free ad-supported forum. Or else it's $9/month.
See: "Tired of Reddit drama? Disqus now you lets create your own forum
There are other alternatives to Disqus, that might be better.