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Full Version: Nice job on alpha GS 3.4.0 Alpha v 1
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Just downloaded this a couple of mins after Shawn put it on Github. Nice! some of the little touches I've been thinking about have been implemented.

* A more attractive modern look without deviating from the original appearance
* Newer icons in the editor
* Tabs instead of the drop down options in page editor
* New theme 'edit snippets' option in side bar menu of theme tab
* Updated theme editor tab with clearly displayed pages at side

I think a round of applause needs to be given the those involved . . . well done guys
Yeah it was kind of hacky, i will work on trying to get a real release out with documentation.
There are a ton of 3.4 needs feedback issues and the default options need to be finallized
I think that no one posted it so here's the download link for this alpha version :-)

BTW, some other noticeable backend changes are:

* New file uploader (no Flash)
* Renewed theme editor
* Collapsible subpages in Page manager
* User profile and Settings are now separate pages
Here are the tasks that need to be done
Please make a transition to the component menu for the identifier by the component name, not by the numbers. Numbers change with the addition of new components and there is no way to link to a particular component.
Google translation.
Perhaps you mean that components are being sorted (ordered) by creation date, instead of by name (title).
I think they mean link to page anchor by id?
I would like to give the user the ability to modify the component I created. And if the number of components will change, then the reference to a specific component will change.

Yes, it seems Oleg means the anchors: #section-0, etc. You cannot make a link edit a specific component, as it may change. (Solution would be having the component slug in the anchor?)

Anyway, in GS 3.4 alpha I don't get components sorted by name, but by creation date :-o


So you have this issue with any GS version, don't you? (in this thread we were talking about 3.4 alpha)

Is the second screenshot from a plugin? If so, which one?
I use for themes GS Custom Settings
I can just create additional fields, but I would like to use the default site settings.
Um yeah thats what I said
I added named anchors to handle this, I will add js for id renames later, logic and links will still use id numbers so we do not have to deal with renaming slugs, that is pretty much why it is like that. But if you just want to link to the section by slug you can now. I need to fix auto focus and add js listeners also for this but it works good enough
Thanks, Shawn.
Tested, works fine.

Note that you have to link to link to the slug, not to the title.
e.g.: components.php#sidebar, not components.php#Sidebar

Have you tested, Oleg?
Latest GS 3.4.0 alpha is - download:
I had to do so because #sidebar belongs to the side column: components.php#section-sidebar.
<div class="compdiv" id="section-'.$component->slug.'">

<a id="divlist-' . $item . '" href="#section-'.$component->slug.'" class="component">' . $component->title . '</a>

Checked Version: 3.4.0 a, failed to add snippet, but loved the expansion of components to the entire window, as the components for rendering are large and difficult to edit. Installed on php5.3 and php7.
Yeah I was gonna suggest that id also,
But not all browsers can link to any id, some only work right with anchors.
Oleg: Shawn has just commited a fix, now you can add both snippets and components. You can re-upload (only changes in template_functions.php) and now it should work.
I had to change this to "id_compslug"
To prevent collisions with other ids, since slugs are variable, it was breaking stuff, so i added a prefix of "id_"

eg, sidebar is pretty generic and not unique breaking css and js
Yes, snippets are very useful feature. Smile
In the theme editor, all the files in the sidebar and in folders, it's also cool. I usually have a lot of js scripts and css files in the themes and it's very difficult to find the necessary files in the drop-down list.
you can also edit admin files, like admin.xss, admin.xml, editror.cs and config.js in it now
(I think I already reported this on discord)

Components are no longer sorted alphabetically (same in the sidebar anchor links), but -it seems- by creation date. It happens with snippets too.
Is it only me?
Probably a feature so the ones you actually use are on top?
Some feedback after installing new Alpha (or should I make a new topic?):
  • Really nice those new menu icons. I also like the new logo (favicon).
  • Nice the file manager has thumbnails for images and (Fancybox?) preview when clicked, but this is disabled in a folder with other type of files in it (pdf for example).
  • Would be nice to see different Alpha version numbers. I tested a previous Alpha version but it was also 3.4.0a
  • Section Support > View Logs: You click on one of the logs Failed Logins or Logins, but then you can't go back to the main listing.. (apart from clicking the back button in browser). I think clicking on the active submenu View Logs should make you go back to the Log file listing.
  • The E-mail address which is entered during setup is stored in User Profile, but not in General Settings (which is empty). Is this how it is intended?
  • The rows of plugins under Plugin Management are not consistent in the use of grey or white as background color
Thumbnails only show if you filter image, can override gsconfig

Alpha has no versions only builds it updates constantly

Settings is for admin email, user is user email, i guess it could prefill..

Screenshot? What do you mean background? Active vs inactive?
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