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Full Version: Wrong latest version listed?
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In the past we used GS for a lot of our customer websites. But with development moving so slow in the last number of years (which is very much understandable seeing as how Shawn is doing it all by himself) we've been forced to move to another CMS for new projects.

However, we still have a number of GS website that we maintain for clients. 

Upon checking the latest version things are quite confusing, the changelog lists 3.3.14 (2017-12-21) as the latest version and notes a Security fix.

But if you download the latest version it is 3.3.13

So something is clearly not correct, either you forgot to include the link to 3.3.14 or the changelog is incorrect.

Also: with that security fix listed in the changelog but clearly not available, what is the actual status of this?

Plus, when will 3.3.14 will be released after all?
3.3.14 beta is on the downloads page.
(2018-08-13, 11:22:21)shawn_a Wrote: [ -> ]3.3.14 beta is on the downloads page.

I had noticed that. But to install a non-stable version doesn't seem like the best idea for customers on live sites. How far along is this beta? If you feel it is almost ready to go live (hence basically stable), then it would be an option to install after all.

When do you expect this to go from beta to be the release version?

At the very least I would advise you to change the changelog, as it provides confusing information.
Its an open beta, not sure if anyone has tested it enough to be released.
Don't see this as a slight but if it is an open beta and you're not sure if anyone has tested it enough to be released then why would you point to the beta version in the first place when it is clearly indicated that we maintain live sites?

At the very least I would recommend changing the changelog.

Hopefully 3.3.14 can be released soon, seeing as you mention in the changelog that it fixes a security issue. Might I otherwise suggest a hotfix of sorts to tackle security issues instead of a version update? Would that be a more feasible scenario in your current situation?
Which security issues do you want to solve exactly?

If you want to get a new version faster, why not download the beta and help testing it?
3.3.14 is a hotfix

and its in beta..

either test it or don't, but don't complain if you are not going to contribute.

My point was it WILL never be released if nobody tests it, nobody is you.
This thread is about 3.3.14 beta:
(Perhaps I should have posted in the Alpha/beta forum instead of Announcements...)
I am not complaining. I am pointing you to the fact that the changelog lists 3.3.14 (2017-12-21) as the latest version. This can and will confuse people. Since downloading the latest version will give you 3.3.13

Just a simple matter of changing the changelog on the download page will solve the confusion.

You were the one subsequently pointing to a beta, to which I reacted in a very normal way.

The less than friendly tone in your reply is uncalled for in my opinion.
The downloads page has 3 versions listed, with the versions and names clearly labelled as stable and beta.
Its pretty clear what you are downloading.
Is 3.3.14 still beta today? (2018-09-02)? No, it's called stable...