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Full Version: Hello World Plugin
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the 'Hello World' Plugin is part of the Plugin Creation part in the Wiki ( ). When starting with a new CMS (it is new for me) and when starting plugin development too, then many things are quite different to other CMSs. 

So I wanted to figure out, what the content of the Hello World Plugin of Chris Cagle is and stumbled over a line in the register_plugin() call ..."'Finds email addresses in content and components and "hides" them', //Plugin description"  But in the top part is written: Plugin Name: Hello World - Description: Echos "Hello World" in footer of theme
Should not the line "Finds email addresses in content and components and 'hides' them" be replaced with "Echos "Hello World" in footer of theme"  Huh

For me it looks like an error (descriptive bug)!

Good catch feel free to fix it