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Full Version: Using backward links within a sub-domain?
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Hi everyone. I hope that I can explain this issue I'm having properly. I'm using a sub-domain within a primary domain for various reasons. Within this sub-domain I've decided to install a folder for the installation of get-simple. The installation worked without a problem. The sub-domain as well as get-simple are running and during the installation of get-simple everything server-side appeared to check out just fine.
What I'm having problems with is the backward placement of pre-existing image links to existing files.

For example ... let's say that you have a sub-domain with it's own archive folder where you wish to keep all of your personal images which pertain directly to all of the sub-domains contents, to include the contents of a simple little blog which is contained in a folder of that sub-domain.

Now lets say that I've created a new page within the get-simple blog folder ...
a page with text that contains references to existing graphics on the sub-domain ...
which I would like to utilize from the existing primary archive folder of that sub-domain.
(not from the uploads folder of get-simple)

In the past, using html pages for example, I've used ../ to escape upward in a directory tree in order to access existing files which were already cached unix style from an earlier view of a page.

I'm trying to figure out if that's possible to do from within created pages of get-simple?
Here's another example:
(images are located in folder entitled archive on the sub-domain)

In the past, if a php or html page was located in a folder entitled getsimplefolder as shown above, it would be possible to have a page within that getsimple folder while making ../ references to show images on that page from the archive folder in the sub-domain. On an actual page within getsimplefolder that might look similar to this:


First ../ backs or links back from some other text folder within get-simple for example
Second ../../ would go even further, backing from there to a first sub-folder of get-simple
Third ../../../ would then get me out of that sub-folder altogether, and into the sub-domains archive by using


Alternatively the entire URL path to the image can be posted on a page of course. However, by doing what I've displayed above, it really helps to minimize the text footprint on pages which contain a lot of images while at the same time speeding up other pages which are also using the same images which were already archived once by the browser from an earlier viewing. It just makes images load faster on a browser page.

If I can't get an answer here then that's fine. I'll figure it out on my own too. Just hoped that someone here who's already familiar with the directory structure of get-simple might be able to point me in the right direction and save me a little time. Wink
Thanks, and ... greetings from across the pond in Germany.