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Full Version: 204 MB errorlog.txt in 10 months
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Is this normal???

since May 23, 2018 the errorlog grew to 204 MB size!

Most errors in
  • P01contact
  • mld-newsletter => break' not in the 'loop' or 'switch' context in ...
  • thousands of undefined offsets in i18n_gallery/helper.php
  • thousands of simplexml_load_string():
all plugins are updates (if possible), but I fear that I have to close that website if this continues...

what is the problem with the simplexml_load, is there are chance to fix it?
php 7 changes, and deprecation warnings probably.

turn off warnings in your php config ( host side or htaccess )

for each specific plugin post to the thread, maybe someone has kept up with patches or at least posted them.

I can take a look usually they are a few line fixes, not sure how we can organize updates for these with authors no longer active.

Maybe I can clone a plugins install on github and fix all the minor issues and people can patch from there, and people can volunteer and submit patches
Dear Shawn,

I turned off the warnings.

I think p01-contact and the mdl-newsletter-plugin should be adopted by another developer, because they are really essential for any system

i18N- has a very active developer, I will contact him ;=)

Thanks for your answer, have a good time!

I will be sure to add those plugins to my test instance
thanks for caring!