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Full Version: Preloaders GS
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[Image: preloader.jpg]

This plugin add easy preloader to your websiteSmile
1.0 6 example with easy to replace for own.
This plugin use jquery, but you can disable this and use own.

Thanks for your plugin, it's work very well.
Just, preload animation isn't displayed because my GS project is in subdirectory.
PHP Code:

// Set up the folder name and its permissions
// Note the constant GSDATAOTHERPATH, which points to /path/to/getsimple/data/other/
$folder        GSDATAOTHERPATH '/' $plugin_id '/';
$preloadernumber  $folder 'preloadernumber.txt';
$jqueryon  $folder 'jqueryon.txt';

$site $SITEURL;
<div id="preload">

<img src="'
.$site.'/plugins/preloaders/img/'.file_get_contents($preloadernumber ).'.svg">

Hi again,

I changed preloaderstart.php like this. But I'm not a fiery dev... I juste added global variable SITEURL (found on forum).
But why you change something? Something doesnt work?

ofcourse try close php in end of codeSmile
Hi Wink

In fact, I wanted to test your plugin and I installed GS in a subdirectory before finalize a project.