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Full Version: Chnage homepage
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Is there a simple way to change the homepage to another created page.

Thanks, Mike.
change the stub of the new page to "index"
cool...thats fixed it , but broken everything else.... 8)
n00dles101 Wrote:cool...thats fixed it , but broken everything else.... 8)

How so?
writing a blog plugin but it was looking for the blog slug, changing it to index has fecked it up.

should'nt take long to sort...

Guys, the way this works, is the site will not allow you to remove the 'index' page nor name another page 'index'.

This is because every site needs a homepage (obviously) and since I designed this for the small business site - i wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

What you would have to do is find the index page, then past whatever you want on your homepage into that edit-screen.

Remember, this software wasn't created to be used as a blog or even to have a blog component. It's fine if people want to create ways to include one... but it wasn't in the original scope of the project.