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Full Version: Meta Keyword > custom field
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I like to know how to divert the function meta keyword useless to me to use as a custom field (wordpress).
Or, I could not find where to see it, is that custom fields will be added for the new version?

I like really much get simple, but without custom field it's difficult to use when i want this cms... Sad

for keywords / description you can use a component box
Yep, i knwo this (and use it! ) but my idea is to use the component meta keywird instead of a custom field, for exemple to add a second title.

The component are present for all the site, what i want is only BY page.
There is a script by me to get per-page components.
There is a plugin by Mike to get custom fields on every page.
To display the "Keywords & Tags" field (not component) contents on every page, insert this in your template.php file:

<?php get_page_meta_keywords(); ?>
Thanks Smile I will test it Wink