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Full Version: SimpleCatalog skipping first layer of output
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I want to skip one layer of output, mainly the category.

What i am trying to achieve is for the main catalog page to show the "albums" (which will be the items), and clicking on an "album" will show all of the images inside of it.

At the moment the script comes with categories -> items -> images, i want the main page to show one specific category so that it will show items -> images.

I dont mind this being done with htaccess, i just cant figure out how to set it up with this cms.

Note: the cms is in a subfolder called gallery, so the url i have is:

I want to be able to see:
I have figured out a different way, i am using the complete custom output verions where you create a template and add the functions.php file.

This is closer to what i am trying to achieve.
The url is now:

Is there is a way to change it so that it will just be
and (for when clicking on an album)

Also, at the moment, when going to an items page (what i will use as an album) only one image is shown, how can i show all of the images in this item?