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Full Version: Admin login not possible on all browsers
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Just experienced this issue. Had a look at the WIKI and the forum. Turned out that the date of my Raspberry pi was set to:
\Current default time zone: 'Europe/Amsterdam'
Local time is now:      Fri Apr 22 10:50:45 CEST 2016.
Universal Time is now:  Fri Apr 22 08:50:45 UTC 2016.

After setting the date to:
/ $ sudo date -s "08/09/2019 17:08"
vr aug  9 17:08:00 CEST 2019

Everything works fine. The admin page is accessible in all browsers.
Trying to set the local time with sudo rasps-config did not help me out. The wrong date kept occurring.
Wow I would expect ntp to be working on the pi
(2019-08-10, 10:14:49)shawn_a Wrote: [ rel="nofollow" -> ]Wow I would expect ntp to be working on the pi

Ooofff, NTP was not configured correctly. Thanks. Nevertheless date/time was the issue not being able to login the admin panel on various browsers.
Probably cause it tries to set a cookie it is probably the browser