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Full Version: [SOLVED] undefined function dom_import_simplexml()
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Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function dom_import_simplexml() in ../admin/inc/basic.php:216 Stack trace:
    #0 ../admin/inc/plugin_functions.php(215): SimpleXMLExtended->addCData('anonymous_data....')
    #1 ../admin/inc/plugin_functions.php(101): create_pluginsxml()
    #2 ../admin/inc/common.php(344): include_once('...')
    #3 ../admin/index.php(17): include('...')
    #4 {main} thrown in ../admin/inc/basic.php on line 216
Quick check:

PHP Code:
if (function_exists('simplexml_import_dom')&&function_exists('simplexml_load_file')&&function_exists('simplexml_load_string')) {
   echo "simplexml functions available.<br />\n";
} else {
   echo "simplexml functions not available.<br />\n";
//simplexml functions available. 

This happens on ../admin/index.php with a site migrated to a 7.2 server. Did I missed anything during the process or still some module missing?