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Full Version: Extend section - browse ALL plugins/themes/etc?
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I'm new to GetSimple, but I can't find a way to view all plugins in the Extend section. I can view the latest, and I can search, but I can't seem to browse through them all.

Am I missing something? Smile
I believe you can just type a star and it will list everything in the db.

Thanks. I'm hoping this will get addressed at some point.
Matthew: any plans to extend extension section ?
For example adding changelogs, installation description.

Having a button to show all plugins in repo would be nice.
Does it not currently have a installation? I think this only shows if the uploader types it in.

As far as me having plans, no; reason being I have no control over it. However I will discus with chris (founder) and see what we can do!

Any suggestions would be great!