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Full Version: Uninstall Plugin
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Hi at all,
someone can help me about the uninstallation of plugins ?
I'm able to install plugins themes etc but i do not find the way to uninstall the plugin..
i think that i can cancel the files by ftp but if i have a lot of files and i do not remember what are the files related to the plug in how i can obtains the uninstallation ?
Thanks to all
You can always disabl....ohhh wait, disabling plugins isn't available in gs 2.x
Hmmm...the simplest way I see for now is to redownload plugin files, see what's inside the archive and delete according files from /plugins directory on your webserver.
I'm sorry that your answer confirm that i thought..
i think that is very strange that do not exist a way to uninstall or disable a plugin or other except to manually remove by ftp the files interested.
i hope that they solve this because this cms that i use for the first time it appear fairly good also if i continue to do not understand how to use some plugins etc but i'm studing for it.
Thanks for answer
The plugins can't be fully automatically uninstalled, because they would need to also edit the template file and look for their initiation code, scan all pages if the plugin is initiated from within page content, and delete files created by the plugin. It may be even too difficult to do without problems if plugin doesn't work only by calling an empty function like
<?php nasty_plugin() ?>
Full automatic installation/deinstallation system is easier to maintain in database driven CMS-es, but I don't say it's not possible for this one. But it would need also a full management of the plugin, not only to install it and voilla, plugin's on, but there are its options ?

Other thing is that if you installed a plugin in a working environment, you are fully aware of necessity to have it.
Plugins inserted into Themes should always be wrapped in a function_exists() wrap like described here in Wordpress's docs (will be adding it to ours shortly)
newly thanks for answers but i do not understand what are you saying.
where i must put that code ? and it is necessary for uninstall plugin ?
i only know that to install a plug in it need to upload by ftp on plugins folder and after it appear on the list of plug in but i do not found and understand how to use and configure it.
i have ever used joomla but in that hosting i ve not a db and i need to create a newsletter so i've installed one plug in for image gallery and an other for mass mail but at now i'm not abel to use them.
excuse me for my english or if i do not understand well your suggests but i'm italian and may be that some words are not clear for me.
Good mornig at all.
If someone has interested i've installed the beta version 3.0B and now at the right of plugin's list appear the option to disable it.