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This is a simple portfolio layout I did, it's different to many but that's how i wanted it.

The left (grey), is set to height:100%, so it will always be glued to the bottom of the screen.
The content part, (white) is not, meaning if the text in the content is very little, so will the box, if there is a lot of content, it will re-size accordingly.

The Blog and Contact link are pre-set within the HTML not through the admin panel. The pages are made, but not shown within the menu.
The only pages made and shown in the menu are the ones under portfolio.

Download: here.
Nice. Why don't you add it to Extend?
In my Firefox the left part is not glued to the bottom:

[Image: bottom.jpg]

I am using Firefox 3.6.15 / windows

or did I misunderstand something?
height 100% doesn't make 100% height columns - its a basic and well known flaw/problem with css
Ah, well the theme works either way, glued or not it still looks okay.
I will upload it to extend Chris,

Maybe in the morning when i'm sober lmfao..
oToom: why don't you use absolute positioning ? Wink
there are many tutorials how to acchieve equal height columns or faux columns

(now you have all the keywords for the search ;=) )
yojoe, not 100% sure tbh mate, kinda just coded this up in about 45mins or so using the 960grid for time, so yeah haha.

And Connie, my initial idea was not to do that anyway, it was to let them be at whatever height the text made them. So it's kinda gone back to that. If someone wants it different, 'they' have the search keywords.