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Full Version: DownloadLink to german language file is corrupt
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the link

is not working, file not found ;=(

The file can be directly downloaded from our repo. That's a snapshot and we're still playing around on GitHub. The most recent version can always be taken from the source page, see my or Connie's signature link.

Die Datei kann direkt aus unserem Repo heraus heruntergeladen werden. Das ist allerdings eine Momentaufnahme, außerdem spielen wir bei GitHub noch etwas herum. Die aktuellste Version gibt es immer unter dem Link in meiner oder Connies Signatur.
it's uploaded anew but unfortunately it got a new link:

Ich hab die Datei erneut hochgeladen, ist hier zu finden, hat leider einen neuen Download-Link bekommen:

sorry, it was too late for me just now ;=)
I saw one other person having download link problems from Extend. What is happening? I go to the Extend page and it is working for me... so im just a little confused.

Maybe where the problem lies is that the download link will change if you change the zip file name. Maybe I need to think of a better solution...
Could it be that the ZIP had more than one DOT?

a pattern like: ?

I uploaded without that dot after"3" and that downloadlink works