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Full Version: Problem editing the components page in any theme
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Version 3.0

I am totally unable to edit the components page (as shown in the side bar of the home page) in any theme.
I enabled the debug mode and I get these errors when I attempt to edit and then save:

Warning: file_get_contents(/home/helcanco/public_html/ [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/helcanco/public_html/ on line 218

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/helcanco/public_html/ on line 69

I disabled the p01-contact plugin (not delete) and still get the same

All the above is followed with:
Oops! Page not found!

Then I looked for a file user.xml in /home/helcanco/public_html/ and indeed it is not there. In line 218 of basic.php I am afraid I did not touch it it is a bit beyond my knowledge.

The strange thing is that in my earlier experimenting with version 2.03 I was able to edit the components without any problem.

I have the errorlog.txt file but is simply a number of repeats of the above two lines.

Any help will be appreciated

Thank you

Somehow I managed to solve this problem by editing the the components.xml file but it still gave me error when debug was active. The error this time was:

Warning: file_get_contents(/home/helcanco/public_html/ [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/helcanco/public_html/ on line 218

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/helcanco/public_html/ on line 69

I removed the debug and all is fine now. I guess from time to time I will replace debug to check things. If anyone has any suggestion about the basic.php on line 218 and p01-contact_gs.php on line 69 please let me know.

Thank you

Sorry I forgot to mention that I added a file user.xml in the data/other folder which is an exact copy of the file myusername.xlm which is located in the data/user folder.

Adding the file user.xml still does not allow me to change the components.xml from within admin area, same problem as before: Oops! Page not found! and the page is: admin/components.php which is the same as the one before saving any minor change.

I am not sure if this is a security problem, please let me know and I will remove the user.xml file

Thank you


I have some questions:

- did you switch on Friendly URLs?
- how about the .htaccess, is it there?

- what about deactivating the friendly URLs?

I know that all deals with the "backendfiles" which are not touched by friendly URLs but maybe there is an error in .htaccess?

Did you disable plugins?
Hello Connie , I removed the friendly URLs and the same thing happens: Oops! Page not found! and the page in question is
The.htacces is there but the contents have something which I do not understand. I am attaching a text file renamed to access.txt
I am not sure what to do with the RewriteBase simply change the RewriteEngine on to RewriteBase / and delete the RewriteBase / below, or is it something I must do in a core file?

As far as editing the theme components page, I am OK with editing the components.xml page

Thank you for your help

Best regards


when your GetSimple-Installation is installed in the root of the server,

RewriteBase /

when it is installed in a subdirectory of the root

RewriteBase /name of that subdirectory/

but when you have disabled friendly URLs, that is not important

But as I see, your GetSimple is installed in a "subdomain" ZK of the "domain"

so I cannot say how GetSimple behaves in subdomains

Can you log into your GetSimple-Administration directly from where GetSimple is installed/admin ?
Hello Connie, I am logged right now in and I did not face any problems login in the past.

One other problem developed in the last few minutes: I made a new user (successfully) and logged in, also with success using a different browser (Google Chrome under Ubuntu). The problem is the on editing under Chrome everything is again mixed characters (Greek language problem - which was resolved under firefox by changing the WYSIWYG editor setting, but I do not remember what I did - you see I broke through the 73 age barrier). Anyway not to worry about this, unless you have the answer handy. I will eventually figure it out.

All the best


please try to understand: my question was whether you can log in in GetSimple not using the subdomain


going to some subdirectory where GetSimple is installed

and I do not doubt that you can login in the subdomain

I want to know whether you know the way to log in into the subdirectory and reproduce your problem there ;=(

Chrome shows some strange characters

the setting in the gsconfig.php. GSEDITOROPTIONS was

entities : false

I see that all your text is still "encoded"... unfortunately
Hello Connie I have two general directories: which includes the Get Simple directly under it so that the opening page is or without the index.php and which has two folders with other programs under it and none of them is the Get Simple.

I can do a trial and install under a basic version of Get Simple with all the plugins, themes etc as my present but not all the text files, or I can install it under the public-html where I have a basin introduction to which is my main domain. I can remove the index.html and place the Get Simple there with all its files. In fact I may also use the Get Simple as a general intro to all of my sites. Anyone of the two options is possible with no problem at all. Let me know

As far as the the gsconfig.php. GSEDITOROPTIONS it is still shown as
entities : false

The strange encoding is shown only in Google Chrome and Konqueror and possibly a few other browsers and only in the editor (which by the way does not appear as a full CKEditor and has absolutely no icons), but in the final view in any browser it is fine. So it is only a question of difficulty in editing under those three browsers. In Firefox all is shown perfect in the editor, the Source section and off course the final page shown in the browser. This is really the reason why my little avatar show my old friend the cat and a slogan than cannot be viewed in this size as: "I really hate computers"

Take care all is fine, somehow we will sort it out.

Hello Connie, I took the plunge and added a new Get Simple site under my top directory. You will see it at: It only has one new test page in Greek.

The results are as follows:
  • Greek is visible in the editor (both visual and html tabs) and the finished page, in both Firefox and Google Chrome. I did not test other browsers yet.
  • Still I cannot edit the theme components page. Let us call it a minor bug. I can get around it by editing the xml file.
  • Other than that I do not have any other problems. I just now have to figure some content for this new site. I will probably make it as an introduction to all my domains and will eventually be in both English and Greek. (I did not even install Greek language, with UTF8 Greek works fine.

Thank you for your efforts and all the best to you