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Full Version: new car service website ;)
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I created a new car service website based on get simple.

I used:
- bulma framework
- css
- custom icons (built icon set on nucleo app)
- js (custom + sal.js, fg-slider, jarallax, mapbox)
- paid solomon font

plugins that I used on the site:

- I18N
- I18N Custom Fields
- Extra Gallery (dedicated slider panel)
- Extra Gallery-1 -duplicate (dedicated Offer panel)
- I18N Special Pages
- DY Website Custom Fields
- Components Wysywig
- p01-contact
- Massive Admin Theme

photos: pexels, unsplash, picjumbo, paid canstockphoto.

Piekarz Auto Serwis

Thanks for sharing your work with the GS community.
That website looks really good and professional.
I guess that took some time to get it that way.
The solomon font fits good to the style and look of the site.
[Image: good-job-21.jpg]
Could not find fg-slider with google.
How did you apply mapbox in the website ?
What is the use for DY Website custom fields ?
Greetings F.
thanks, i'm glad you think so. Wink

Below I am pasting a link to fg-slider (pure js slider).

As for mapbox, it's not at all difficult. You just need to create a free account. Then you go to..

And you have a code snippet ready that you need to put on the website. You can style the maps and add more elements. Markers, etc. Documentation is nicely described.

DY Website custom fields I use, when I do not want to multiply the number of fields in the i18n custom fields plug - on each subpage. It doesn't look good if you have 10 custom fields on each page. DY Website custom fields (requires i18n custom fields plugin installed) it allows me to create fields that I see in a separate panel and I can use them in many places on the templates. Changing one such field allows me to change the content of this field in all places on the templates in one fell swoop.

For example:
- Phone number
- links to social media
- favicon
- Paralax background, paralax content.
- everything you think of ...

Finally, I will mention that if you want to use nice paid fonts in your projects I recommend

You can often buy fonts, web fonts for 9$-20$ worth up to 200$ (, but you have to hit such a promotion.


Yes bulma is a good choice based on flex.

Most often we only use a small part of all the options.
Have a look at this one, it supplies only the most
used flex options: grd.

Nice to know how to use the DY plugin.
Thanks for posting those links.
Thanks! This grid from your link is very good . Very light.
Quote:Thanks! This grid from your link is very good . Very light.