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Full Version: <p></p> after preg_replace in plugins
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Hi at all,
today i stumbled over this tags in my html code "<p></p>" and i don't know where they're from. The only reason i found is the preg_replace in plugins like "p01-contact" or "Search plugin (I18N)" and even my own plugin.
So i come to the conclusion that the cause have to be in the GetSimple core.

I would be thankful if you have a solution.

Cheers Dani

please give better information:

which version are you using?
URL of the page where you find this empty paragraph

otherwise this info is only 50 % ;=)
ok i am using GS 3.0 or GS 2.31 doesn't matter, here in GS 2.31: i used the contact form.
On GS 3.0 also after the <form> tag.
Then i saw it on (not my page) after the </form> i think its the same issue (Search I18N Plugin).

And on an other project, with my own plugin but i am using the same technique like in the p01-contact form to replace the placeholder (% testest %)

I hope that's enough, thanks for support.
The WYSIWYG editor wraps each paragraph of text in the paragraph (<p></p>) tag.

-Rob A>
it is possible to set editoroptions not to use <p> around each text (and empty lines)

so do a forum search here, you can define that in the GSEDITOROPTIONS in gsconfig.php

Cheers, Connie
The I18N Search plugin removes the surrounding paragraph from the resulting page, if there is no other text within.