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Full Version: Menu with Links and syncing files
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I need to know how can I create a menu item that links to (or contains links to) external pages/sites? So far, I can only create pages local and pointing links to them.

Also, now that I have set up a local testing site and an online version up and running, how can I sync their files/pages? I just downloaded files from my online version, and one of the concerns I have is that the website base url (in settings) are different. And I kind of spend half an hour wondering where did my work go when in fact I'm looking at the online version not the local version. What can I do to prevent that?
add a link to an external site in the menu to help plugin
Use plugin menu
after the transfer site, go to settings and change the URL where the site
Thanks for the reply. Do you have any tips for the syncing function? My local site is pretty ready, but I don't want to mess my online site.
somewhere on the forum was all explained, I do not remember where, ask the author
Hi there,

How can i get those external links to work ?
(installed both plug-ins and there's nothing - apart from I18N plugins ...)