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Full Version: Removing default content
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Hello folks; Really did do some searching to figure this out first. Upon the new install of GS CMS there is a lot of default content that comes with it. How do I remove all of it so I can just start building my own content. Was I supposed to choose an option upon installation?  Sorry for my ignorance. I really want to learn this CMS. Thanks.
Your reply has absolutely nothing to do with answering my question. Its nothing more than an advertisement.
Hi at sdavenport74

We still have spammers every now and then, sorry for that.

Did you check the wiki ? It is a good starting place with GS.

There are also helpful videos on youtube
It is OK. I'm new here so I didn't expect to get spammed right away.
As for the links in your reply I will look at them today.
Thank you for taking the time to help me.
Alot of default content? You mean like the one page, sidebar and components?