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Full Version: PHP8.2
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GS 3.3.16 (CE v2)
In my testinstallation using PHP8.2 I've got ...
Quote:Deprecated: mb_convert_encoding(): Handling HTML entities via mbstring is deprecated; use htmlspecialchars, htmlentities, or mb_encode_numericentity/mb_decode_numericentity instead in [snip]/GS-CEv2/admin/inc/basic.php on line 65 All deprecated encodings will be removed in since PHP 9.0.
Hi, i will check this after christmas Big Grin Thanks for suggestion and info.

Merry Christmas!

Any news on evolution of Get-simple to correct [font="open sans", "segoe ui", sans-serif]mb_convert_encoding[/font] ?
Yes, is ready to downloadSmile Now works on php 8.2