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Full Version: Extend: Newest Plugins, ... ordering
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I like the new Extend page with newest, top rated, etc.
However, I'd like to make some suggestions:
  • Top rated might be more informative, if it also showed the number of ratings received
  • Newest ... seems to be recently updated - thus overlapping with the Recently Updated category
  • Newest ... should be sorted by update date descending, not plugin number - unless it is changed to Recently Created instead of Recently Updated
  • A "view all" for Top Rated and Most Downloaded would be nice - or allowing the sorting of the full plugin/themes/... lists by these attributes
It's a bit of a fight to get to the full lists. Could we have a link above the fold to 'View All' in each category, please (Plugins, Themes, Admin Themes and Languages) ?

I'm not one for statistical rating, personally.
i think links up top to the full lists are reasonable... i will add those. i also need to figure out pagination on them too - as some of the lists are getting kind of long. I think ratings do help people that aren't familiar with the forums/plugin developers. Stats are the only way for them to distinguish the bad from the good.

updated does overlap newest, but not the other way around... i will see what i can do about this. We have limited space on the right-hand side of the lists, but i will see what i can do to add the total ratings as well.
ccagle8 Wrote:I think ratings do help people ...
Oh, it was just a personal POV.

The two-column layout is better (if a little dense on the page). It's just a matter of retraining my mouse. ;-)
Okay, mouse is retrained. ;-)

Could we have alphabetical sorting in the 'View All' lists, please ? A tag list or cloud would be handy, too.
I've noticed that when you update the description of a plugin in Extend, but don't upload a new version, the plugin is listed in Recently updated files.