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Full Version: Error 401 - Unauthorized
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Hey Guys,

I'm new to the forum and I've got a quick question on the install process.

Uploaded all the files to the server and made sure the permissions on /data/ were set to 755.

When I go to the page, I am asked for an User Name and Password:

Quote:A username and password are being requested by The site says: "Access for /logs"

I am not sure what UN & Pwd it is asking for... Upon cancel I get:

Quote:Error 401 - Unauthorized

You failed to provide a valid account required for access to page.

Do I need to set different permissions anywhere else to avoid this?

PS: I am using a 1&1 server if that makes any difference.
Quick Update... I tried changing the permissions on the following folders to 777, but still no luck.

The error you provided up top says it is asking you for access to a folder called /logs

Do you have a folder in the root of the getsimple directory by that name? What about in the root of your sever?
Thanks for the help Chris. I do have a logs folder on the root of the server (not the GetSimple folder). I am not sure why that would make any difference or accessing the install. I tried changing the permissions on logs in it to 777 but that didn't make a difference. I am honestly not sure what the purpose of it is since it was in the server by default when I first got it.

Maybe I can remove it temporarely and see how bad that would mess things up... Thoughts?