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Full Version: image+link in sidebar or tagline (components)
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Hello :-)

GetSimple CMS is very easy and nice: i'm using GetSimple CMS 3.0 + theme "distinctive".

please, i can ask an info?

i want to put an "image+link" in sidebar or tagline (components).

i go to:
admin panel => theme => edit components

but then?
i tried to put in "sidebar" text box:

<a href=""><img alt="italian language" src="" width="24" height="24"> </a>

but then i see only a text-link!
i want a image-link: little flags so people can choose different language (english, italian, french...)

please where is error in my code?

i hope you can help me. thanks :-)
when you have edited a component, you will see the snippet which must be included in the template to have this component active

did you add this to your template?

please give us the URL of your site!

Cheers, Connie
Hi Connie,

thanks for your message!

of course i uploaded all files in "" zip theme!
and of course there is the snippet included in the template to have this component active.

i can change text in sidebar or tagline, but at the mom ent i don't know how i can put a image+link.

what is the correct code?
please, can help me?

ps. i cannot put a link to website because at the moment it is not a pubblic website
i found error!

not correct
<a href=""><img alt="italian language" src="" > </a>

<a href=""><img alt="italian language" src="" > </a>

simply Italy.png with upper-case!!

this is such a silly error, no platinum, just cheap metal ;=(

don't you know that UNIX-systems (most hosters work with Unix hosting) have case-sensitive file-systems?

I did not expect such a simple error and was trying to find a really heavy bug in our beloved GetSimple and then you come with that explanation ...

Sometimes I have intuition and check whether the relevant files exist, but as you gave no URL, how could we check that?

PLease be more careful next time..

cheers, Connie