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Full Version: Innovation theme: change
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I'm sorry for my bad English, I would put the navigation bar under the site title in the THEME innovation.
How do I do?

replaced by

thank you for your help
This is not exactly how you want it, but may suit your needs.
Edit style.css file,
line 62 or so:
/* HEADER: logo */
header #logo {
Change the 20px value to 10px

Also, and around line 81:
/* HEADER: navigation */
header nav {
Change 30px to 50px

Try your own values... These are the ones I've used to prevent overlapping header and navigation (when site title is long and/or there are many menu links). Tested only with IE8 and FF5.

PS If you prefer the navigation above the site name, just change those values to e.g. first one -> top:40px, second -> top:10px.
thank you very much for your help, it works fine ....