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Full Version: Theme is lost?
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Hey guys, I am super new to get-simple but I do love it's concept...

I need help with a theme, I downloaded put it to my server and now it doesn't show anything under the "theme" section of my admin page.

Can anyone help me out?
-Eric Larson

do you see the two themes which are included in the installation?

the new theme:

which theme did you download?
did you unpack it locally?
did you upload the theme into the theme-folder? We had the situation already that the theme was uploaded incorrectlty (this can happen when you unzip a theme locally and upload everything, but that special theme sits in a subdirectory of the unzipped folder)

can you show us the content of the /theme-folder (open it with FTP and do a screenshot )

that could help us


Connie Wrote:can you show us the content of the /theme-folder
This is the key. If the theme isnt formed properly, it wont show in the dropdown for theme selection.