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Full Version: First Get Simple Site
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Thanks for creating CMS software that is dead simple easy ! Who needs HTML when you have this Big Grin
The learning curve is exceptionally easy not to mention the fantastic support from the forums.
One major point is you don't have to worry about getting hit with SQL injection hacks !

Plugins used :

- HitCount
- Cached Navigation
- SimpleCache
- DynPages
- Share 5 +
glad you like it! we do too Smile

Great site by the way
Site looks very attractive, is simple and has great usability - as simple websites should have Smile
2 things I'd consider if I was on you place:
1. I'd shorten the gap between top browser frame and div#header.
So much free space doesn't look appealing.
2. .container is 1000px wide. Try to stick with 960 or 1040px when you develop websites for smaller resolution displays.
3. "<meta name="description" content="{% contact %}" />" <- complete pages meta descriptions, otherwise they may contain something unexpectable Wink
4. justified text on index page would look more appealing.

- FIN -

5. this website begs for html5 markup ! Smile