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Full Version: Problem with CSS
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Good morning,

I have problems with CSS, some themes do not load their CSS.

I checked all the controllable:

1) Name of the CSS file
2) Path
3) Syntax in the template.php file
4) I compared 2 different issues (where you load the css and the other not), same syntax, all the same.

This problem happens to me every so often (up to now with 3 themes...for example Green theme)

I came to the conclusion that there is some parameter to be configured. Do you have any idea?

welcome here!

A good idea would be:

tell us the URL where you test
tell us which themes you tested

otherwise we need a crystal ball ;=)
Connie...the crystal ball it is an idea? :-)

I'm not in testing now but I have a problem with "greentheme"...all functions work well but the css file is not the theme is as a word's page.

GS 3.0 work fine in general but with this theme ther is this problem.

It is the same ith firefox, ie, chrome etc


I downloaded the theme and unzipped it
as usual when the theme is produced, there was a sub-folder __MACOSX, this one you can ignore
another subfolder of the zip-file is the folder "GreenTheme"
that's the one which has to put completely into the GetSimple-theme-folder

I just tested and run a test-install, it worked as a charm,

Check the sourcecode of your page.
You will find this line:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://www.yourdomain.tld/theme/GreenTheme/style.css" media="all" />

is that file existent? If no, re-upload

if yes check that CSS-files are transferred by FTP in correct way (not binary)

I am sure you will get this theme to work, it is lovely