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Full Version: Plugin Management
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Hey I have some problems with the plugin management.
(no errors in health check)
I had upload the 18n_gallery and a few more plugins
to the folder: /plugins/

example for the images gallery: (/plugins/i18n_gallery/)
but now I can´t find it in plugins management
I suppose it should be there ?

[Image: plugin.jpg]

I had try another plugins but it is the same Sad
that I´m doing wrong ? it is a bug ?

I think it should be the same system wordpress have for plugins ?
or should I move files to another place ?

I had try to find a alternative to wordpress for people who need a easy smart cms software.
and I think I had found it. I like this cms software Wink the best I've found so far.

Hope someone can help me Wink
There should be a .php file in the root of /plugins for each plugin you have installed.

this is what gets read in by the system.