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Full Version: GetSimple 3.1 time() warning in debug mode persists
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Hello, I have installed a fresh copy of GS 3.1 on february 26.
Server: CentOS Linux 5.7, PHP 5.3+,
all required modules ok

Everything works smoothly, but when I enable "Debug mode ON" in gs config, I get this warning about time()

The warnings in admin backend disappeared when I selected the default timezone in
Admin -> Settings -> Local Timezone

(perhaps a tip to users to set they time zone in admin after install , to avoid this warning ? the warning is echoed before headers, and causes admin to not work properly in debug mode)

However I still get this warning in front page, and login page ( with debug mode enabled )

Screenshot in admin login:

Screenshot in main site:

I have searched the web for this problem and I found an thread in google answer here:

It is stated that this warning only appears when PHP STRICT reporting is enabled, and the warning may be caused by several reasons like:

"Part of this has to do with addressing client/server issues, which may
occur when (for example) the server is in Pacific Time and the client
is in Eastern Time."

It is stated that E_STRICT setting causes PHP to report errors based on what the PHP
people decided good coding practice to be, so I was wondering if DEBUG mode should set to STRICT ?.

The error disappears when disabling DEBUG mode, but this is not a solution.