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Full Version: Installation Loop on subfolder
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Ok I have been trying to install GetSimple in a folder of webroot but I keep getting Redirect Loop.
I am stepping through the admin/install.php

Line 37
if ($PWD != '') { header('Location: index.php'); }

but ....its not empty it then goes to the index.php where it determines the site needs to be installed....thus the loop.

when I do var_dump($PWD) the install screen appears and this spits out

string(13) "/home/maurice"

something screwing in the data mapping?
Then the password is not empty.
Re download and install
You know, in bash programming, $PWD stands for the current working directory (when we built our own version of the shell this was a bitch) I wonder if PHP is somehow misenterpreting that? Are you installing in /home/maurice ?
Install path is

But you got it Derek ....

I changed $PWD to $Password and it is working...

I am running Xammp on Ubuntu 9.04

I think should change the convention.
Ahh, but I bet /home/maurice is your home folder, which is where it might be grabbing permissions? Either way, glad you got it working!

Strange....though I wouldnt have thought that php can execute bash unless it is specifically called....
The only thing I can think of is if you have php5-cli installed - which executes system commands like that. php5-cli essentially turns PHP into a language like C that can interact with the system.

Just out of curiosity, why are you running XAMPP and not just doing a tasksel install of a LAMP server?

And I let Chris know about this thread, I am sure we will see some sort of change in 1.4 or 1.5.
Wow Derek - That is great. I will make this change, and I will release the new version. I didnt think that PHP could execute bash commands either...

I should have known better - I work on a UNIX server everyday, and know exactly what pwd does. Thanks!
This will be in version 1.4 (out today sometime) - I love the 'find and replace in folder' option.
ccagle8 Wrote:This will be in version 1.4 (out today sometime) - I love the 'find and replace in folder' option.
What IDE are you using to code?
Ultraedit. I use it at work, and had to buy it for home b/c i love it so much!
Stupid windows Tongue I develop primarily on my Mac, can't find a good XML parser that I like yet
I use netbeans as my IDE,

I use apache friends xampp -> out of the box i have everything....Easy to use no mess...