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Full Version: SA Development Suite Plugin
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Development plugin to assist developers

Version: 0.6
Compatibility: 3.1
Plugin Type: Fontend / Backend
Description: Custom Debugging suite to assist programmers.

Replacement Debug Console
Pretty output
Frontend Debug Console
Debug console is active regardless of debugmode
Monospaced font for better alignment of logging
Ability to log variable number of arguments, arrays and objects
Outputs variables as traces with the var names included
Ability to run benchmarks for all hooks
Ability to show all renderable hooks on page
Hook for adding your own debug buttons from your plugins
Wrapper compatible

See author website in extend for more details.

Download from Extend
Great plugin Shawn.

Getting the following on my local build.

Notice: Undefined index: sa_shf in C:\xampp\htdocs\gs3.1\plugins\sa_development.php on line 56

Notice: Undefined index: sa_shb in C:\xampp\htdocs\gs3.1\plugins\sa_development.php on line 57

Notice: Undefined index: sa_bhf in C:\xampp\htdocs\gs3.1\plugins\sa_development.php on line 58

Notice: Undefined index: sa_bhb in C:\xampp\htdocs\gs3.1\plugins\sa_development.php on line 59
n00dles101 Wrote:You should change $thisfile on line 20, and wherever else its used
to something like $thisfile_sa_development

As any other plugin that uses $thisfile for i8ln translations will not work, only just figured this out myself as a plugin i'm developing has the same variable and stops working...

Mike, this is the correct way of using it - (re)setting it and (re)using it.
What you must not do, is using it in any function. But using it in the plugin outside of functions is fine!

Deleted that post , don't want to confuse anyone.....

Using i8ln for my first plugin, and I copied the way it was done from somewhere.... can't remember where...
and it screwed up for me, so it was me and not you....

Thanks, fixed those errors and one other thing.

Note , test your plugins with your own error reporting on, the debug_plugin isn't the same as setting the debug config file , since it doesn't enable until the plugin loads. So it wont work for everything that loads before it. Doh. Never thought about it before.
Working on next release.

Features added so far
  • dump all registered hooks
  • dump php global variables
  • dump php includes
  • dump php extensions
  • dump php constants
  • timestamps
  • basic memory profiling

Any requests?
will be releasing in a bit.

Made log headers collapsible, log headers are only displayed when logging multiple args and arrays
Added PHP dumping
Added a log footer that displays
Peak memory
Available memory
Free / Total disk space
Number of included files
Now detects arrays from default debuglog(), and will prettify them instead of printing "array"

Anyone know of any hooks on login page and filebrowser, I can use to add the debug log to those as well ?
I updated extend with version 0.3
Updated to version 0.4

Added memory and elapsed stamps to debug headers
Added error handlers and logging for them
Added fatal error persistence
Added post footer hook error handler

See plugin website for full docs.
Great plugin.

The only problem I see is print_r() does not format correctly in the console.

debugLog(print_r($str, true));
Ill check that out.

Of course the point of it is you don't need prrint_r anymore.


But also don't want to break white space from the normal function so ill fix it.
I must say excellent great help for developers. Thank you for that.
Hopefully the next version will let you use your own debug functon and have it check for the existance or _debugLog and forward the arguments, right now if you forward it through your own debug function you lose all the traceback information. But i gotta get that working so you can route _debug log calls in your own plugin based on a function exist check and not lose all the useful ness of it.
Ok updated to v0.6

Now catches and formats print_r output found in debuglog.

Added wrapper support and put example on website, so you can embed debugging capability into your own plugins permanently.
I started loving this plugin after 10 minutes.
Thanks, I haven't worked on it in a while , please give an feedback or suggestions.