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Full Version: adding own styles to wysiwyg editor
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I want to add my own style markup to the WYSIWYG Editor so that it is available to me for usage on text and images while editing a page.

In the WYSIWYG Editor advanced mode a STYLES drop down and FORMAT dropdown are available to us for styling paragraphs and text. I want to add my own styles here so I can just select my text, choose the style from the drop down menu and I'm done.

How do I achieve this without touching any core files?
Hii Andy,

i think what your looking for is here:

n00dles101 Wrote:Hii Andy,

i think what your looking for is here:

This worked great. Thanks.
Ok. Another issue. I have added a WYSIWYG Editor through i18n_customfields. The styles section in this editor is blank now. How do I add my customised style to that?

Also, I am unable to add images in the customfields wysiwyg editor. I have to input the image link in the URL field manually. Selecting from the editor still shows the URL field as blank.
this is a question to the plugindeveloper of the custom fields plugin-developer ;=)

it always depends how the editor is integrated, if it is integrated referring to the general configuration or not

Andyash, I suggest to ask this in the support thread of that plugin, because the problem with the images will affect all plugin-users
Thanks. Realised this and did it already.
define('GSEDITOROPTIONS',"stylesSet: 'default:'");

I have given up on the above as the styles drop down becomes blank in both Chrome and IE9.
"" <= did you replace that with the actual settings?
Connie Wrote:"" <= did you replace that with the actual settings?
I did.
let us see you "ckeditorstyles.js"
Connie Wrote:let us see you "ckeditorstyles.js"