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Full Version: Login fail
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I've been trying to log in but I forgot my password. I've tried the send a new password option, but I haven't received an email. (Possibly because I've been stupid enough to use a 10minutemail account.)

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this topic, but I would really like to fix this. I have a job interview coming and I want my portfolio to be ready by then. Is there a way to change my emailadress or something like that?

You should be able to edit the data/users/user.xml according to this wiki article:
Thank you for your fast reply!

I have tried to change my password following the info of the link you posted (and found out I haven't used a 10minutemail account but my regular email), but it doesn't work. (Yet.)

I'll keep trying though.

Edit: Which makes me wonder why I haven't received an email to change my password on my regular email account.
1. rename .htaccess and gsconfig.php in root directory
2. rename /data/other/website.xml
3. upload temp.htaccess and temp.gsconfig.php to root directory from GS installation archive
4. upload /admin/install.php and /admin/setup.php from GS installation archive to respective directories
reload your index page and reinstall the website.
All your page data will be saved, and you will have to change settings or revert them back from earlier renamed files.