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Full Version: relative urls in images and internal links
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Was this fixed or not?
IMHO there's nothing to fix.
GS works like Wordpress: absolute url's for images and links.
No failproof way to have relative links.
How other CMS handle this are to stick token and shit in their content to handle site urls, this is always a huge issue because it breaks constantly. I believe in no special markup in content, aside from simple things like shortcodes.

I guess one option would be to at least strip the domain off and make it site root relative, at least you can port your site over to another domain with the same structure. Which you cannot even do now, without global replacements.
Meh, I don't think we should worry about it. As long as however its done right mow makes sense!

yeah, I mentioned the token/shortcode way in some previous post in this thread.

The "relative to root" way for easier migration from dev to production site can be done by just defining it like that in the site settings (see also previous posts) and changing it after migration. No need to change the GS core to use that type of links.

IMO it's best to keep it like it is.

Someone could develop a plugin or script that does the find/replace thing.

(there's at least one for WordPress, that also uses absolute url's)

[edit] a workaround: FixSiteURL plugin.

[edit] a script that does the search/replace thing:
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