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Full Version: Bug or just need a new mod_rewrite?
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If you have a page setup it is accessible by more than one way.


All those display that same page.
I would like to be able to prevent this via mod_rewrite, but I'm not sure how.

I knew about this, but I would have had to check each page id request against what it's parent tag had in it... I deemed it not important for the first (1.0) release, but maybe we should think about this again...

Duplicate content should not be an issue just as long as you don't link to it different ways, but then again, you cant always control what *other* people link to.
Really, with how small the sites are that Get-Simple powers, you could just create a new mod_rewrite rule for each page when created. It would use regular expression to guarantee that only the specific folder is open per that particular page. I doubt it would slow anything down even with 100 pages.