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Full Version: Get page title
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Developing my first GetSimple site and enjoying it =)

On my frontpage I have three columns in which i get content via <?php getPageContent('pizzeria'); ?>, and from two other pages made in the admin area, and it's working fine, but when I'm trying tor use <?php get_page_slug('pizzeria'); ?> or <?php get_page_title('pizzeria'); ?> it only gets the title of the front page. I want to get the title that I made in admin panel for the pizzeria-page and the two others.

How do I do that?

Thanks in advance
get_page_slug and get_page_title are for the current page only. Use:

<?php getPageField('pizzeria','title'); ?>

<?php getPageField('pizzeria','slug'); ?>
Yes, that worked!

Thanks, Carlos