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Full Version: Error 406 File Upload
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Everytime I want to upload a pic to the file folder a box opens up with the following message: 406.

Does anyone have a clue what that means and how I can get my upload to work.

Thank you for your help.
this is not a problem of GetSimple, it is a problem of your server

did you run a search for this error message?

Here is an explanation in englisch:

and in german:

so to find the reason why your client does not accept the upload, tell us:

- which kind of file you want to upload? (JPEG, JPG, GIF, ....)
- what is the size of the files
- log in to GetSimple and check the server health check: (SUpport => Server Health Check or Support => Websiste-Server-Prüfung)

what is the result of this check? Everything ok?
I had the same problem too. It just happened overnight.
The day before it was working fine.

Now, I could not upload files and get the 406 error.

I had a server health check (everything was OK) and the files under requirements.
I am still checking the CPANEL though...

I would appreciate any feedback for this. Thanks!
I suggest to contact your hoster's support

there might be some problems with webspace quota etc.

but for sure it is not a problem on GetSimple's site
Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

I was talking to my hoster and they said to add "SecFilterEngine Off" to .htaccess and now the upload is working.
Hallo wonnepropfen,

I am glad, it is working now. Which hoster are you on?
This setting is quite unusual.

We should add this experience to the hoster's-specialty page in the WIKI ;=)

ich freue mich, daß es nun klappt. Diese Einstellung ist recht unüblich...

bei welchem Hoster sitzt deine Seite? Wir sollten das in die Liste der "Hoster-Spezialitäten" aufnehmen ;=)

Lieber Gruss, Connie