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Full Version: AcidMind Theme
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A simple, light, dark, clean 2 column theme for GS 3.1. HTML5 & CSS3 validated. Fixed width.

Author web-site:
Theme preview:

Updated to v.0.2!
Hallo Orkun,

your theme looks nice! Thanks!

Your site is interesting for me, because you integrate Pixelpost, which I know since a long time, as I was member of the pixelpost team for quite a long time ...

I will check the theme later for a new website,

Cheers, Connie
@ Orkun

first in german.

Ich würde gerne die Unterkategorien bei Mousover Anzeigen lassen. Leider ist das nicht möglich.
Vermutlich muss da nur eine CSS Anweisung geändert werden.


I would like to se my sub categories on mouseover.

Could anybody help?

here an example :

if you move over the word destionation......

I don´t know what to change
This theme is awesome and easy to edit as well (a lot easier than Cardinal for example).

Found a little bug:

In the footer it says:

<a href="admin/">LOGIN</a>

Instead it should be:

<a href="<?php get_site_url(); ?>admin">LOGIN</a>

Btw. The description of get_site_url() on this wiki page:

Quote:Echos the website's domain. No options. For example, this echos from any page on the GetSimple website.

I think this is the wrong description. It should be something like:

Quote:Echos the website's root-url.

If I make a website on domain but store it under
According to this description the <?php get_site_url(); ?> would give me the domain (without the /gs after it). While in reality, this code gives me the url

Thanks for the finding. I corrected it in the version 0.2.

There was also a css issue when viewed in android browser. I also corrected that issue.


Lately I was too busy, sorry for the delay. But in the meantime you figured it out as far as I see it from your page Smile