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Full Version: Blog + Wiki + Forum in one
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I would like to create a website with a blog wiki and a forum all on the site. The forum and wiki should be accesible and editable from the frontend. I have tried around a lot with the plugins for worpress but only find solutions outdated and not working. I see you homepage, which is probably built with get-simple, contaisna forum and wiki and a blog. How did you do that and would I be abl to do the same?

Thanks in advance
The forum is PunBB and the wiki is DokuWiki. I think the cross-platform auth is handled this way. All other pages are managed by GetSimple I'd imagine, including Extend.
Sal is correct in the different platforms.

We use GetSimple to power our content pages, DokuWiki controls the wiki but uses the authenticated via the PunBB.

The extend was custom developed by Chris (our lead developer) and also uses PunBB.

The blog is powered by Wordpress but there are also plugins available for this as well.

We have a lot of systems all tied together, it seems to work well but has potential to be a pain in the rear when updating.
I would be very interested in learning how you have integrated DokuWiki into a GetSimple site.

I am very new to GetSimple, have played around with it a couple of hours.

I can load DokuWiki in a page with an iframe (using the DynPages plugin), but then I get problems with height of the iframe - an unwanted scrollbar for example....

I'm sure there must be a better way to do it?