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Full Version: CityWide Theme
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This is the thread for issues, problems and praise for the theme CityWide which I am uploading to Extend.

The theme is intended as a simple, generic, professional or trade type site with a placeholder for a business logo and a favicon.

Built on the Cardinal theme so it should be sound and useable.

Attached is a bigger screenshot.
Pretty good Smile You can definitely build something on this.
I like the orange with the gray gradient colors.
After using the theme a bit I have made a few small alterations to it and uploaded a version 1.1 :
  • Logo image in header background should centre itself height-wise.
  • Border removed on images in the page body.
  • Images in the sidebar centred L-R.
  • Links in footer set to open in new tabs.
  • A couple of whitespace values altered

I made the theme for this site, so you an see a working example, although the client didn't like the black header background:
The CityWide Theme has been revised and updated to make it variable in width and responsive down to phone screen size of 300px wide.
There is a full demo with some detailed instructions for installation and customisation here:
(2012-11-14, 08:17:37)Timbow Wrote: [ -> ]There is a full demo with some detailed instructions for installation and customisation here:

I Like your theme and am working on my project based on this one. Can not access to the demo site, and had similar situation with other GS contributors' own demo links. I don't think this is a service provider ( @ Taiwan) issue. Thanks for any input.

(blank content or showing some irrelavent link)
with " Zugriff verweigert, Fehler 403. Sorry, access forbidden, error 403. Contact service provider" at page bottom line!
Is it already Monday morning in Taiwan? I must get to bed.

The site works for me. I just checked it. Don't know what to say about that. It is on some free space from