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Hi guys. I am loving this CMS.
I have one question tho involving theme creation. Why is it when you rename/delete a 'subtheme' the page is still accesable from the page options>page template with a '~' behind it. Undecided for instance gallery.php~

Thx in advanceBig Grin
When you remove a template file ?
I have no idea it did that, maybe cause something is still using it ?
I would have to look in the code.
eonflux, welcome here!

1) Which template do you use?
2) How did you delete the file? There is no way to do this in the admin-area of GetSimple.

In case you delete the file "outside of GetSimple" in FTP-program or with a file explorer at your local server installation, the file just is deleted and pages which are set to use this template-file are presented with the standard template.

But: I have seen files with a name structure like you name it here. And mostly these files are created by some file explorers which have the option "keep a copy with ~ in the filename".
I have even seen files like that in template-folders, in templates which are offered in the download section of GetSimple, and I bet my leg, these templates come from Mac-Users ;=)

So I think your problem is not a GetSimple-problem. Please give us more info!

Cheers, Connie

Thank you for the warm welcome.Big Grin

I am on linux system 12.4. I did delete the file outside of GS from my local host. It seems that this behavior is inherent to theme folder.
Any file placed in there and accessed: page options dropdown>page template you will see it. I will do some more testing to see if this this is the result of applying the template to a page and removing it or just being in that folder.

The strange thing is that the ~ templates are actual templates . You can apply them to a page and work

At one point I thought it had to do with the backups. But after deleting the backups they still remained there. Is it possible GS is caching the files somewhere?
They must be some kind of hidden files, they most certainly are present on your host
Sir you are right. I feel stupid for not realising this. I did not see a "." in front of the file. I didnt even think it was a hidden. But it's bluefish my text editor thats causing this. It's leaving hidden duplicates all over the place.Undecided

Again I am sorry can this thread be close please?Sad
I will modify core to ignore these files.
They should not be auto detected as template files anyway.
Yeah you should be able to specify the backup path for your editor, to outside your source folders.