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Full Version: Can't Install Plugins
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I'm trying to install a plugin (specifically the Pagify plugin) and it doesn't work, I upload the contents of the plugin via FTP and the plugins tab doesn't appear in the admin panel. I've tried with other plugins and the tab just doesn't appear. Any help would be appreciated.
Did you see plugin's tab before even installing any plugin ?
Look at health check and see if there isn't anything suspicious, as well as try to visit the /admin/plugins.php page by entering url manually.

I think you missed something in GS configuration.
Did you upload all files w/o problems ? Website url is correct ?
No, I didn't see the tab before trying to install the plugins. If I try to visit /admin/plugins.php like you said there's nothing there. Is there any way I can modify the installation manually?
Reupload gs install
You mean admin/install.php? I just tried it and it still doesn't work.
The whole thing